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[team sonic] unlocked

Angsty Hey! Say! JUMP fic. A snippet of the Mr. Flawless AU (Halloween version) I've been plotting with friends. Inspired by this picture. Start words from Sing.

"Huh?" Yuto asks, eloquence escaping him.

Takaki just hurries him along, wordlessly leading the way. The confusion is plain in his face, but Takaki doesn't seem to be in a very talkative mood, so Yuto doesn't press it further.

Yuto follows Takaki through a long hallway, his steps slow and clumsy compared to Takaki's carefree glide. The other man disappears through a door near the end of the hall, and Yuto almost hits the door face first in his haste to keep up, forgetting that he has to open the door for himself.

What he finds beyond the door astounds him. Takaki lying peacefully on a simple four-poster bed, the room bright from the sunlight naturally coming in through the large windows, curtains drawn.

The elegance dissipates from the room as the orange of dusk reflects the time outside, the curtains lining the window turning into shreds— just a flimsy reminder of its former glory. In Takaki's place on the bed, he finds nothing more than a pile of bones.
Tags: *team sonic, fandom: hey!say!jump, love ranger: dusk037, warning: here is a box of tissues, warning: wtfery ahead
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