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[team sonic] guilty pleasure

So I didn't get as far as wrting the porn I'd intended to write but nm >_<

Starting words from here.

“Huh?” Yamada snorted, pulling out of the kiss, wide surprised eyes fixed on Keito. Keito’s expression was frozen in a similar state of surprise and slowly Keito’s hand rose to cover his mouth. “Say that again...”

“Please don’t be mad...” Keito said, his voice quiet, almost quivering. Yamada hadn’t been mad, he’d been too surprised to be mad because they’d been working on dirty talking, Keito doing his best to loosen up when it came to saying how he was feeling, what he wanted, when they were in the heat of the moment. Though the last thing Yamada expected to slip out against his lips had been “I want to watch Yutti fuck you.”. Keito repeated the statement, but his eyes were downcast.

Yamada glanced at his watch, ten minutes left until he had to leave for work. “We’ll talk about this.” Yamada said decidedly. “But not now, I have to go soon and I’m still horny...when I’m done I’ll come over and we’ll talk...”

Keito’s head nodded, but his eyes remained on the ground at their feet. “OK. I’m sorry...”

Yamada reached out a hand to cup Keito’s jaw and tilt his head back up. “Hey, I’m not mad...I promise.” Yamada assured him, and strangely he meant it too, though that still could have been surprise. It could also have been admiration, that Keito was comfortable enough, trusted him enough to let something like that slip, even if it had seemed to surprise Keito as much as him. He gave Keito’s lips a few chaste kisses “We’ll talk about it...but I really do have to go and this boner isn’t going anywhere.” Keito chuckled a little but he nodded too before leaning in to press a few kisses of his own against Yamada’s lips, ad then he was pulling away and dropping to his knees.

Yamada’s jeans were around his ankles in seconds, Keito’s mouth already warm and wet around him. He bobbed his head quickly, his hand wrapping tightly around the base, squeezing just right, meeting his lips as he stroked and sucked fervently, in tandem.

It could have been because of the time, but Yamada suspected Keito’s enthusiasm had more to do with his recent confession. He wondered briefly if Keito was thinking about it as he sucked Yamada senseless, his free hand sneaking into his own sweatpants to stroke himself in time. Yamada moaned as he considered it too, the image certainly wasn’t a bad one, and then he moaned again as Keito’s low groan vibrated along his cock, pushing him mercilessly towards that blissful edge.

He wound his fingers into Keito’s hair, giving a soft tug in warning and Keito pulled back, his hand taking over as he leaned in to flick his tongue against the head of Yamada’s cock, his mouth open, waiting.

Yamada kept his eyes open, his breath hitching as he felt it coming, and then Keito’s eyes slipped closed, his body jerking with his own orgasm as he flicked his tongue one last time, dragging Yamada over the edge with him.

“Shit.” Yamada cursed breathlessly, his vision clearing just in time to watch Keito swallow down his release and lick his lips. He dropped to the floor, leaning in to press his lips hard against Keito’s, both of his hands coming up to cup Keito’s face. “I love you.” he whispered, and then gave him another kiss, a softer one. “I have to go, but I’ll be back...and we can talk...”

As promised, Yamada returned to Keito’s apartment as soon as he finished work, he’d thought of little else all day despite the nine pages of lines he’d had to recite. It was clear from Keito’s demeanour that it was still on his mind too, he seemed stuck somewhere between excitement and agitation. “So this Yuto thing...” Yamada started, deciding it was best to just get it out, and Keito bit his lip in that agitated way again, as though he were holding back. “What’s it’s about?”

“It’s not a cuckold fantasy or anything...I just...I really dig how into you he is.” Keito admitted, the words rushing out like a tidal wave. “He tries to hide it, make light of it and stuff but I see the way he looks at you...the way he looks at the photos he takes of you...”

“You said you wanted to watch him fuck me...” Yamada asked, because every time he’d tried to picture it, that had been the hardest part to feel comfortable with. “Specifically that way?”

Keito pouted a little. “I think that way would be hotter...but if you didn’t want...I mean if the other way, if you would...that would...”

“But it wouldn’t be as hot?” Yamada asked, and Keito’s eyes widened a little as he shook his head.

“It’s not like that it’s just...”

Yamada smiled a little at Keito’s panic. “Keito calm down, I’m not challenging you...I’m not testing you or anything, I’m just trying to figure out what you’re thinking. You know you can be honest with me right?” He paused, held Keito’s gaze until he let out a slow breath and nodded. “Why would that way be hotter?”

Keito took another deep breath and though his voice was steady, Yamada could see the pink flush working it’s way up his cheeks and to his ears. “Just because of how much he wants you...I think if it was that way...if he was in control, if he had you at his mercy...then he’d really lose it...he’d be such a mess...”

Yamada could see the sense in it, he could even see the attraction but there was still one other thing niggling in the back of his mind. “’s alright if it is...I just want to know...but is this about me or about Yuto?”

“Both of you.” Keito admitted. “Together...I guess I’ve kind of always had a thing for the two of you. You were always so close and inseparable...and then you weren’t and weirdly that just made it even more intense...because the whole time he was so into you. I was into you too, you know that...but I was also weirdly into the strained sexual tension between must have felt it even if you weren’t attracted to him...I’m sorry, it’s weird...I know...I’m sorry.”

“Stop apologising.” Yamada demanded just a little too firmly. “Keito I told you, don’t ever be sorry for being who you are.”

Keito gave him a wry smile. “Even if who I am is someone that fantasises about watching their boyfriend get fucked by their friend?”

Yamada smiled despite himself and Keito’s smile widened in response, it did sound pretty fucked up but then he had his fair share of weird kinks. “You don’t have feelings for Yuto though?”

Keito shook his head quickly. “Not at’s purely about the two of you together...I swear”

Yamada took a few more moments to take it all in, to consider it carefully, and then he nodded. “If you’re sure it’s what you want...then I want you to watch Yutti fuck me.”

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