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[team three] Eat to please

I seriously suck at verb-tense.  It's an ongoing issue >.<

The stomachache hasn't set in yet, yet being the operative word, but Otabek knows he's in trouble. He had been expecting his first meal to be this infamous katsudon that Yuri talked about to no end on the cab ride over from the airport, but to their surprise, it's something called sukiyaki.

They were in a large Japanese-style dining room at one of the many long wood tables set up there, and while they were not the only guests currently eating dinner, they were sitting off to the side at a distance from the other guests. While not his first time in Japan, Otabek had only been here for competitions. He rarely spent time outside the hotel or skating rink, so he had been really looking forward to this trip. Yuri had been horrified to hear that he'd only ever eaten food he'd found in a convenience store, saying that Katsuki-san's cooking would make that stuff inedible.

When they first sat down to eat, Otabek remembers looking at the platters of fresh vegetables lined up across the length of the table and thinking how he might need to ask Yuri where he can get more food later. He'd doubted just vegetables, no matter the quantity, would be enough. Then Katsuki-san had brought out platters of thinly sliced beef.  She knelt down by their table, helping them cook the meat in a cast-iron pot right there in front of them. She sprinkled sugar on the cooked beef, poured in shoyu and what he thinks she called mirin. ("She says it's sweet," Yuri provides when he sees Otabek peering at the bottle of slightly yellow liquid.) Meat deemed ready, Katsuki's sister Mari came by to show them how to dip the searing hot meat in raw, beaten egg before eating.

It was unlike anything he'd ever tasted before and had tried to express as much to Katsuki-san who laughed pleasantly and proceeded to cook more meat. After placing a second round of cooked meat in their little bowls of egg, she added more liquid to the pot and picked up one of the platters of vegetables. Once she'd successfully piled on the mushrooms and variation of leafy green vegetables into a rather precarious looking mountain, she'd patted Yuri's hand and left them to wait.

Once the mountain wilted down into the shoyu-based liquid of deliciousness, they'd dug in, every so often adding more slices of beef. They finished the first platters of vegetables and meat in no time. As they added in vegetables from the second platter, Mari had brought out another platter of meat... and then another platter of vegetables, followed by yet another platter of meat.

Yuri stopped eating around the third platter in but Otabek had read that it was rude for a guest to not eat everything prepared. He doesn't wanted to offend the family that have so kindly invited them to stay with them even though their son and his fiance had stayed in St. Petersburg.

Finally, Yuri tells Katsuki-san that there's no way they could eat any more.  Otabek manages to keep his expression polite as he thanks Katsuki's mother for the delicious meal, but let's out a soft yet pitiful moan as soon as she steps out of the room.

"No wonder Katsuki has to work so hard to keep weight," he groans. This is only his first evening in Hasetsu, but he's already wondering if he'll need to tweak his own workout routine to factor in Katsuki-san's home cooked meals.

"You shouldn't have forced yourself, idiot."

"Is it not good etiquette in Japan to eat everything?"

"Worse etiquette would be if you stuff yourself until you fucking puke everywhere." Yuri lets out an irritated Tcht. "Idiot... As if these people would ever think a guy like you was rude."

"It's true," Mari says, coming in to help clear the table. "They still like Yurio here."

Otabek chuckles a little at that while Yuri shouts an indignant HEY!!!.

"Anyway," Mari continues, balancing the tray of dirty dishes on her hip. "Don't let mom overfeed you like that. She gets a little excited when Yuuri's friends come to stay with us. It's her chance to thank the people who look out for Yuuri where she can't." And with that, she heads back towards the kitchen, leaving a bit of awkwardness left in the air, neither boy sure how to accept the matriarch's gratitude. Otabek really doesn't think he's deserving of such feelings, pretty certain Yuuri has done more for him than he has for Yuuri. Yuri's face is red.

"Tcht.  Like Mari wasn't the one who kept bringing out more and more food.  Come on Beka," Yuri says after a moment, brushing off any remaining embarrassment. "Let's go walk around Hasetsu."

To be difficult, Otabek rolls onto his back and closes his eyes. "Can't move."

"Oi!" Yuri grouses, reaching down to grab Otabek's hand. He pulls hard, but to no avail. "Ugh. Fine. Whatever. Go into hibernation. I'm not the one who's gonna get fat."

"A walk will help if you have a stomachache," Katsuki-san says, coming in to wipe the table down with a rung out towel. Otabek sits up immediately, still not willing to let her know just how much he's over eaten just to please her. Table wiped down, she pats his cheek with a kind smile. "You're a good kid.  Now go.  The sakura around the castle grounds are in full bloom."

You're up doctoggy
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