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[Team Sonic] Sing

Starting words from here!

“Sail a ship across the ocean, sail a ship to youuu,” Hokuto sang, wailing into the mic. He couldn’t always hit the high note, especially with Juri looking at him like that, but he did his best. By the time the song was over, Hokuto’s cheeks were bright pink. He shyly offered the mic to Juri, unable to meet his eyes.

Juri brushed the mic aside, leaning in to capture Hokuto’s lips in a kiss. After a moment of surprise, Hokuto’s eyes fluttered shut as he kissed back, opening his lips to let Juri’s tongue slip inside. Gentle fingers trailed over his cheek and Hokuto leaned into the touch, eager as always for Juri’s attention.

By the time Juri broke the kiss, Hokuto was panting for air, his unbuttoned shirt showing that his blush had spread halfway down his chest. Juri kissed his way down Hokuto’s throat and chest, pushing his shirt wider apart as he went, exposing more of Hokuto’s fit body.

Juri knelt on the floor, nudging Hokuto’s knees apart. He nipped at Hokuto’s hipbone, brushing teasing fingers over the bulge in Hokuto’s pants. Hokuto covered his mouth with his hand, trying to keep the moans in - the karaoke room was more or less sound proof, but it was still embarrassing how loud he got at the merest touch of Juri’s pretty fingers.

Rubbing his cheek against Hokuto’s thigh, Juri looked up at Hokuto with low-lidded eyes. “You look so good, Hokku,” Juri said as he opened Hokuto’s pants with deft fingers, “all pink and flustered. So handsome.”

“Juriii,” Hokuto whined, both pleased and embarrassed by Juri’s praise.

Juri kissed the tip of Hokuto’s dick. “Even your dick is handsome.”

“Noo,” Hokuto laughed helplessly. “Juri!”

“And I love your laugh,” Juri continued, stroking Hokuto’s cock slowly from base to tip. “You’ve got such a sweet laugh, Hokku.”

Hokuto made an embarrassed noise and covered his face with his hands, not that that did much to hide his blush, since he was flushed pink all the way down his chest. When Juri licked at the head of Hokuto’s dick and dipped his tongue into the slit, Hokuto wasn’t able to hold back his moans. It just felt too good, Juri’s words, Juri’s actions, Juri’s pretty, pretty face and Hokuto’s feelings for Juri all combining to turn Hokuto into a helpless, needy mess.

Breathing fast, Hokuto tried to keep his panting noises down at least a little bit, but every swirl of Juri’s tongue dragged a moan out of him and soon he was gasping and moaning without any lingering shame, too aroused to care about anything but Juri’s touch. Juri’s mouth was hot and wet, sucking him with just the right amount of pressure.

Juri reached up and took a hold of Hokuto’s hands, tugging them down to his hair, so Hokuto obediently dug his fingers into Juri’s hair, tangling the soft strands around his fingers, pulling just a little. The pleased hum Juri gave at that made Hokuto moan again, his hips bucking up. Juri took it easily, taking Hokuto’s dick deeper into his mouth without gagging even when the tip bumped the back of his throat.

“Juri, please, oh, please,” Hokuto moaned, not even sure what he was begging for.

Juri hummed again and the vibration felt incredible around Hokuto’s cock. Hokuto couldn’t keep his eyes open no matter how hard he tried - Juri looked amazing with his pretty mouth full of dick, but Hokuto’s eyes kept drifting shut and his back kept arching as he moaned, the pleasure overwhelming. The pressure kept rising and soon Hokuto found himself teetering on the edge, close enough he could practically taste his orgasm.

Hokuto gasped out a warning and Juri drew back, letting Hokuto’s dick slip out of his mouth. Juri’s fingers wrapped around Hokuto’s cock, jerking him off the rest of the way until Hokuto wailed and came, his ograsm rushing through him in a great rush of euphoria.

When Hokuto dragged his eyes back open a minute later, Juri was still on his knees, his pretty face covered in Hokuto’s come. Hokuto gasped, staring openmouthed at the sight of his come liberally splattered over Juri’s pretty features. Looking smug, Juri licked up a drop of come near the corner of his mouth, and a shudder like an afterschock ran through Hokuto’s body.

“You look so good when you come, all flushed and shaking,” Juri said, digging through his pocket for a tissue to clean up his face, “and you sound so good. It’s a shame we can’t let everyone hear you, huh.”
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