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[Team Sonic] In the dead of the night

So... I'm writing a semi-serious pirate AU fic? Anyway, I think I've managed to finish this sonic before time ran out. Starting words are from Ready

"I trust you are smart enough to keep quiet."

Takaki freezes instantly at the sound of the unfamiliar voice. He can feel dread already pooling in the pit of his stomach, increasing exponentially when the flat blade of a sword comes to rest threateningly close to his neck.

"Turn around slowly," the voice commands. Takaki is more worried for his crew than himself, but obeys anyway. Just so he can get a better look at his attacker and to see if Keito is still nearby on the deck.

The pale light of the full moon combined with the few lamps hanging around the ship's deck shed light on the owner of the threatening voice. He's tall with a lanky sort of frame, a round face with high cheekbones that might look friendlier if the man wasn't smirking at him with devilish intentions. A glance to Takaki's right reveals Keito looking terrified, standing stock still with the fishing nets still in his hands. Keito's focus is on the other man standing in front of him with a pistol trained directly at his face. The companion is shorter than the other, but he wears an almost identical smirk on his face.

Takaki hopes that perhaps Yamada, still below deck, can at least make it safely out of this situation, but then he sees another accomplice shuffling around in the dark before disappearing down below.

"What do you want?" Takaki asks slowly as if trying not to spook a wild animal. They're very clearly pirates, and Takaki doesn't have much of value on his little fishing boat.

"We want the ship, of course," the man says with a charming smile but with all the danger of a shark.

Takaki knows he has to think quick if he wants his crew to survive this. These pirates apparently aren't ruthless enough to have killed them instantly so maybe there's a spark of hope after all. But he won't allow himself to be optimistic yet. The third pirate reappears above deck with Yamada in tow and seemingly unharmed for now.

"You need a humble fishing boat for something important?" Takaki asks. He tries to act as unconcerned as possible about the blade inching closer to his neck with each passing second. "Because I have to warn you, she's a fickle one. Not easy to sail even with the three of us. You might have a bit of trouble if you don't know what you're doing." A bit of an exaggeration but if he can convince the pirates that they're necessary, things might be okay.

The man with the pistol scoffs. "You hear that, Yabu? He thinks we don't know how to sail a ship."
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