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[Team One] Behind The Scenes

/happily crosses off “porn star au” on the bingo card of tropes I've always wanted to write

“I'm not too sure if I can do it, hyung.” Jongin's own pout greets him in the mirror of the dressing table he's sitting at and before he sticks out his tongue at his reflection he lowers his gaze to his bare knees between which Joonmyun is kneeling, sucking his cock.

Jongin isn't even sure Joonmyun heard him over the sound of the blow drier coiffing Jongin's hair into sleek submission. But Joonmyun blinks his eyes as an indication of a nod and hums with his lips still closed around Jongin's cock. The back of his throat vibrates against the tip of Jongin's cock and Jongin sinks deeper into his chair with a grunt, letting his knees fall open wider. Joonmyun is so good. Jongin can already feel his cock beginning to engorge.

“Hyung, really...” he whines nonetheless and tugs lightly at Joonmyun's hair to get him to look at him.

Joonmyun sighs fondly and pulls his lips off Jongin's dick, sending a slightly reproachful look up to him. “You aren't really unsure, or you wouldn't be sitting here with a signed contract getting your hair and make-up done for the scene you're about to film in ten minutes.”

Jongin feels the tips of his ears heating up, and it's not because Joonmyun keeps petting his half hard cock and sliding it in the firm grip of his small hands which Jongin likes almost as much as his mouth.

“Okay,” he admits, being clearly found out. Joonmyun just knows him too well. “So I'm not unsure. I mean, yeah, of course I'm going to do it. I get three times as much money as for the stuff I usually do. But I'm still nervous. I've only filmed with girls before.”

Joonmyun chortles, hiding his laughter behind one hand, the other stilling its work on Jongin's cock.

Jongin wants to be peeved that Joonmyun is laughing at him but Joonmyun's eyes are crinkled up so cutely his heart just has no capacity for bad feelings.

“Jonginnie, you've been working here for, what, five years? And I've been doing this for you for almost as long.” He waves at his kneeling position in front of Jongin and in particular at his hand with which he's now continuing to massage Jongin slowly to full hardness. “What's the big diff–”

“That's different! That's not– You're my friend. And what you're doing is just helping me get ready for the camera, like... like Kibum-hyung!” He points over his shoulder with his thumb at the stylist who is currently leaning against another dressing table and looking at his phone, probably scrolling through fashion blogs.

“Aww, I'm hurt.” Joonmyun slaps his free hand over his heart. “Here I was, thinking you meant it when you said I had a skilled tongue, but turns out it's no different to you than hair spray.”

“Stop it,” Jongin giggles and slaps Joonmyun's arm. He pouts again. “Seriously, you know that's not what I meant.”

Joonmyun shrugs. “Still. I think you're all good. You might see it differently but I'm certainly a man and you have basically been having oral sex with me for five years.”

Jongin's cock twitches in Joonmyun's hand and Joonmyun looks up at him, surprised, but Jongin has averted his face. Joonmyun lets his hands fall away because Jongin can't get hard too fast or he won't last through the scene he has to film, even though his stamina and control are impressive. Joonmyun has watched him from behind the scenes a few times to pass the waiting time when he was on standby. It's never been this awkward between them. Joonmyun is wondering if his words were too bold when Jongin clears his throat and mumbles.

“I know that. I just. Uh. I wasn't notified who I'm co-starring with and I didn't even get a script...”

“Ah, it's one of those productions that's supposed to look like it's an amateur vid. Just be yourself. They want you to react as naturally as possible, that's why there's no script.”

“Hm,” Jongin answers but there's still a frown on his brows even as the slight sheen of oil on his biceps gets a last finishing brush-up and he's released from the dressing chair.

“Still good?” Joonmyun asks, pointing at Jongin's erection as he stands up and pulls a light pair of jogging pants up his legs. Jongin nods, dropping his gaze to avoid Joonmyun's eyes again, and if Joonmyun isn't mistaken, there's a slight blush just visible under his make-up. It's cute. “Well then, off you go, studio 5.”

Jongin takes a few steps towards the door, teetering, but then he stops and stalls. “Uhm, hyung... it's not weird, is it? With a man?”

Joonmyun sighs once again, pushing himself up from the dressing chair on which he'd plopped down after Jongin had vacated it. He moves right in front of Jongin and pulls him into a hug. Because he's smaller than Jongin, he can throw his arms over Jongin's shoulders and really arch his body against Jongin's, letting him feel the difference between a flat, muscular chest and the curvy girls bodies he's used to.

“Feels good?”

Jongin makes a hesitant, throaty sound. “Er. I guess.” And puts his arms loosely around Joonmyun.

Joonmyun turns around in the circle of his arms and pushes his backside against the hardness of Jongin's cock.

“And now?”

“Yeah, 's good,” Jongin mumbles and his hands slide to Joonmyun's hipbones, holding him flush against his erection. He seems to be doing it subconsciously. It makes Joonmyun's heart flutter a bit, and he would like to stay like this a little longer but Jongin has a job to do and Joonmyun's job is to get Jongin to do his job. So he playfully wiggles his butt against Jongin's body and grins over his shoulder.

“Wanna tap that?”

Jongin snorts and Joonmyun knows he's feeling second-hand embarrassment but Joonmyun does embarrassing things on purpose when he knows it makes Jongin laugh. Jongin's arms around him already feel a lot less tense. Still, Jongin answers, quietly and earnestly.

“No, hyung, you're my friend.”

“Oh, come on, you know what I meant. Men's asses in general. They're very tappable, trust me,” Joonmyun says, making his tone light, and steps out of Jongin's embrace even though his heart is set aflame by Jongin's sincere words. “Now go, you'll do fine.”

Running out of excuses to prolong his stay, Jongin turns towards the door and steps out into the corridor to find the right studio. Inside it's set up like an ordinary, if quite impersonal bedroom, a big, brown bed in the middle, with cameras surrounding it. Jongin's co-star isn't there yet. The lights are still being adjusted, and the director greets Jongin and leads him over to the bed, explaining things about the mood he wants to create. Jongin is only listening with half his mind, the other is still with Joonmyun.

Jongin usually isn't this loath to leave Joonmyun and enter the filming site. There's a casual routine between them on filming days; Jongin gets his hair, make-up, and outfit done, gets fluffed up, talks to Joonmyun about his day (Joonmyun is a great listener and usually doesn't mind having his mouth too full to reply), then he films whatever scene is on the agenda that day, then goes home. He usually doesn't try to stick around, even though he considers Joonmyun a friend rather than just a colleague. All the intimate bodily contact between them has always been strictly professional.

But Joonmyun's words today changed something. Jongin feels a flush travel through his body and settle in his cock.

Well, at least he's going to keep it up this way until his co-star arrives. Whoever it is is taking his sweet time. Jongin wiggles his bare toes. Having been told to get comfortable (and naked), he's sitting on the foot end of the bed with only a towel slung around his hips. At least the room is toasty warm and the camera team is all set up, ready to go.

Jongin is given a glossy magazine and, being filmed, he leafs through it, recognizing the pictures in it as porn stills from their company. He's told they might use this as an opening sequence.

The door clicks open and Jongin looks up fully expecting to finally see his tardy co-star but it's Joonmyun who peeks into the room. He steps inside, wearing only boxer shorts and an opened white shirt, looking like he's filming a scene himself. Jongin didn't even know he does that.

“Oh, hyung!” He gives Joonmyun a sweet smile, touched that he took what is probably a break in his filming to check up on Jongin. “I'm still good to go, don't worry about me.”

“Good,” Joonmyun says and approaches Jongin on the bed, “'cause it's your first time with a man, after all, and I just needed to know that it's really what you want.”

“Yeah. You put me at ease earlier. Thank you.” Jongin doesn't expect Joonmyun to stay even after that reassurance, but he does, a slow smile spreading on his lips. Joonmyun's hand touches Jongin's knee briefly and if Jongin didn't know better, he'd say Joonmyun's flirting with him.

He tilts his head slightly, not quite understanding why Joonmyun lets his shirt slide down his muscular arms and back and throws it aside.

“Hyung, what–” He doesn't get the rest of his question out because the mattress dips beside him as Joonmyun kneels on it and tilts his chin up to claim his lips in a kiss. It short-circuits something in Jongin's brain. Joonmyun's lips have been on his cock nearly every other day and now they're on his mouth. It seems wonderfully dirty. Jongin arches up and sucks greedily on Joonmyun's tongue – until a camera is moved close to his face.

He pushes Joonmyun away, panting. “What are you doing?”

“Kissing you,” Joonmyun answers teasingly. “Foreplay.” He cups Jongin's chin in his hand and then lets his thumb run down his jaw, neck, and chest, brushing over a nipple. “This part isn't too different. You should know. I can see you've been reading up on it.”

Joonmyun reaches over Jongin's lap and picks up the magazine from beside him on the bed, lifting it up by a few pages so that it flutters open, showing a photograph of two naked men in an intimate embrace. From the corner of his eye Jongin can see the little red lights on the cameras indicating that they're rolling and he blinks at Joonmyun and the magazine, blood shooting to his face like he's been caught doing something naughty.

“I– That's–”

Joonmyun smiles sweetly and places his hand right on Jongin's hard-on, kneading it through the towel. “Hasn't the reading left quite an impression on you~ But when you feel the real thing for yourself, it's even better, trust me.”

Jongin notices that Joonmyun's using a lower and breathier voice than his usual talking voice. His hand keeps stroking over the terry cloth covering Jongin's dick even though he's already too hard for their normal warm-up. The cameras keep rolling, being swung around in his peripheral vision. And it's dawning on Jongin. He isn't waiting for his co-star, he's already in the middle of filming, and his partner in this “amateur” scene is–!

He clasps a hand on Joonmyun's shoulder, bringing his gaze to it and holding it steady, looking deeply into Joonmyun's eyes. “You're staying here, right? You're doing this with me.” His heart is thundering in his chest.

Joonmyun understands but he doesn't even have to break character when he closes the distance between them and reassures Jongin with another deep kiss. He breaks away to say. “Yes, I'm leading you through this just like you asked me to.” He can hardly tear his eyes away from Jongin's moist, slightly parted lips. He kisses them again, savouring the feeling with a slow tug on Jongin's lower lip. “Mmmh, I'm so glad you got curious. I've been wanting to do this for a long time.”

Jongin looks beautiful with his glowing half-lidded eyes and his pliant mouth, turned towards Joonmyun not unlike the way a plant grows towards the light. His sluggish, dazed look follows Joonmyun's arm as he tugs the towel from Jongin's lap baring him to the world. Jongin opens his legs readily when Joonmyun applies light pressure to the inside of his knees and then teases along his inner thigh. Jongin lets his body lean against Joonmyun's chest, dropping his head back on Joonmyun's shoulder. Joonmyun gives Jongin's cock a few light strokes, then he abandons it in favour of tapping his fingertips under Jongin's jaw, tilting his head up even more to show off the beautiful underside of his jawline and the long expanse of his throat.

Joonmyun cranes up and kisses Jongin like this, thrusting his tongue down into Jongin's mouth until he salivates and has to swallow hard. Joonmyun knows the camera team will have caught a close-up of Jongin's throat moving and it'll look so hot.

Grinning, he releases Jongin and pushes the boxer shorts he's still wearing down his legs, dropping them over the edge of the bed. He takes his cock in one hand and brings it close to Jongin's face. Jongin looks up at him like a lamb.

“Come on,” Joonmyun coaxes, “this is easy. You're already fully hard, now do the same for me.”

Jongin bends down, Joonmyun's guiding hand in his hair, and touches his lips to the tip of Joonmyun's cock. The he pokes his tongue against it and finally gives it a hesitant suckle.

Leaning back, he peeks up through his lashes and whispers (loud enough for the microphones to pick it up). “I don't know how.”

Joonmyun could swear right then and there that Jongin will kill him some day. A porn star of five years and counting, and he's still so good at playing innocent that Joonmyun himself could almost believe he's Jongin's first. And in a way, he is. A delicate flutter deep inside his chest reminds him that his cock is the first to touch Jongin's lips.

Joonmyun rubs the pads of his thumbs over Jongin's jaw muscles and can't quite keep the softness out of his voice when he says. “It's alright. Just open your mouth and leave the rest to me.”

Jongin lets his jaw go slack and when he feels Joonmyun push inside, his eyelashes flutter close and he digs the heel of his palm between his legs, applying pressure to the base of his cock. He looks like he's learning to enjoy sucking cock, and Joonmyun drops his head back groaning. He's holding Jongin's head between his palms and thrusts into his mouth with slow, measured rolls of his hips. In Jongin's hot, wet mouth he grows rock hard in a matter of seconds but he tries to draw this out as long as possible, moaning for show. Yes, Jongin is special to him but he mustn't forget that this is porn, after all. A yearning heart must stay concealed.

And yet, Joonmyun can't help that the feelings involved are real. And the way Jongin is giving himself to Joonmyun, beautifully and trusting, is real, too.

“Your lips were made for this,” Joonmyun moans and pulls out of Jongin's mouth before he says something he shouldn't. His cock is standing straight up, glistening with a sheen from Jongin's saliva. It slips easily between his fingers so he jerks himself in quick strokes, indulging in the slick sounds it produces.

Jongin moans, closing his hands around his own cock, and matches Joonmyun's pace. He turns towards Joonmyun sticking out his tongue and offers his open mouth. “Fuck.” With a groan, Joonmyun closes his fingers around the base of his cock. He'd love to release in Jongin's mouth, coating his tongue in sticky white. “Look at you, only just started sucking cock and already addicted to it. Now you know what a slutty mouth you have. I made you like this so I'm gonna take responsibility and feed you dick every day from now on. And if you learn obediently, you might even earn the cum you're so eager for.”

Jongin lets out little sobbing moans and keeps his tongue out even when Joonmyun rubs and slaps the tip of his cock on the wet muscle.

Joonmyun laughs as he pulls away and Jongin makes a disappointed face. “I think you've been lying to yourself this whole time when you pretended you aren't into men. You're so eager for this. I bet you've been secretly craving cock in your mouth for so long that I could easily get you to beg, hm? Would you? Beg for cock.”

“Hyung...” Jongin cries and squeezes the base of his cock in his hands hard. It stops him from coming; only clear pearls of precum spill out of the top, running down like hot, molten wax down a candle.

“Later.” Joonmyun smiles and teases a condom over Jongin's painfully swollen erection. “First I wanna show you something that feels really good.”

He climbs in Jongin's lap, facing him, and, having come to the studio well prepared, he reaches around to grab his own butt and spreads his cheeks, arching his back to give the cameras a perfect view. Like that, he holds Jongin's gaze and sits down slowly on Jongin's dick. Inch for inch he sinks down moaning until his round butt cheeks are pressed flat on top of Jongin's thighs and Jongin can't take it anymore, thrashing his head back and rocking his hips into the heat envelops him in a way he's never felt before. It's making him crazy, driving him until his thighs are trembling from exertion and Joonmyun is bouncing in his lap, finally moaning not for the cameras but because he feels it, can't help it. Jongin grabs his waist tight and wants to undo him.

They come nearly at the same time, Joonmyun's hand flying on his cock until he shoots between their bare chests with a shout, and it's only from years of porn experience that Jongin manages to pull out through the spasming contractions, rip the condom off, and splatter his release up Joonmyun's back. Joonmyun collapses into his arms with a heaving chest. Jongin feels Joonmyun's wet, warm breaths on his neck and ear like waves splashing the beach, and then... three words, so quietly that no cameras and microphones can record them, yet echoing so loudly in Jongin's chest that he feels like he's harbouring a beautiful raging storm inside of it.

Next is wolfodder
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