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[team four] you're home

sukai drabble - part of a oneshot yet to be finished. In which jongin and joonmyun are reunited after 5 days apart.

listea, it's your turn!

Meal options swam around the page. . .Club sandwiches. Sun-ripened Maui Gold Pineapple. Squid ink pasta. Sizzling wagyu beef burger.

How did sizzling anything and burger work anyways? English was hard enough to decode on a good day and today, his mind was all over the place. Sighing, he dropped the room service menu on the glass coffee table.

He checked his phone for new messages but there weren’t any. The last time he’d heard from Jongin was about forty minutes ago: waiting for luggage. Jongin was a terrible texter--the kind who subscribed to the view of why say something in 20 words when you can say it in 3.2?

Where was he? Had he lost his passport? His phone? Joonmyun had called him three times but no reply. Joonmyun groaned. Knowing Jongin, he’d probably left it on silent mode because he hated sudden loud noises.

Then he heard them. Three quick raps which matched the rapid beating of his heart. Five days. It has been five long days since he'd seen Jongin, touched him, felt the slide of his skin against his. He'd been waiting so long that for a moment he couldn't move, couldn't get up off the sofa he'd been trying and failing to relax on.

Three more raps. Shit. What was he doing? He'd been waiting for those sounds for hours. If he was being honest with himself, he’d been waiting since Jongin had left before dawn five days ago, the taste of his mouth still lingering on Joonmyun’s lips.

Racing heart in his throat, Joonmyun pulled the door open.

Hyung was the last thing he heard before Jongin’s mouth covered his, hungry and desperate. Then his hands and arms were pulling him close.

Falling into his embrace and breathing in his warm, seductive scent, Joonmyun sighed against the warm curve of Jongin’s neck. “You're home.”

Tags: *team four, fandom: exo, love ranger: lotusk
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