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[Team Seven] Decisionmaking

Mousi wanted more of the Snow Man High&Low AU, so here you go. I apologise for the shortness but muse didn't feel like fleshing things out.

“I didn’t say that I couldn’t come back. But I didn’t say that I would stay either,” Miyadate looked at Watanabe apologetically. “You of all people understand, don’t you, Shota? Why this just wouldn’t be me.” He put the white suit down onto the bed.

Watanabe looked out of the window. “If you really love someone, you set them free. I wouldn’t be happy knowing that you didn’t want to be here. That you were just around for my sake. I don’t want to make decisions for you. So you’re free to do what you want.” He looked at Miyadate. “But you of all people should know that this is a hard decision.”

“You’re not the only one making it.” Miyadate sat down next to the other on the bed and took Watanabe’s hand into his. “This is not the end. I’m still me. You’re still you. We’re still us.”

Leaning against Miyadate’s shoulder, Watanabe muttered, “Even if it’s Kamenashi or whoever, I will kick their ass if they do something funny to you or don’t treat you well.”

Chuckling softly, Miyadate murmured, “I made Hasshi promise me to see to it that you eat properly. He said he’ll try. I guess that’s as much as I can ask for. Promise me to take care of yourself, alright? Or I’ll have to come and take you with me.”

“I’d like to see you try.” Watanabe challenged but there was no force behind it. It was playful.

They fell silent for a few moment and remained seated on the bed before getting up and grabbing their things. It was time. They couldn’t avoid making decisions any longer.

Almost everyone living in the city had been forced to make a decision. With the sudden dissolution of the single ruling entity and the disappearance of the protective presence, problems had started to surface. Different areas and different people had found different solutions to those problems. Unable to reach a consensus and unable to cooperate with each other, the city had now been split into several parts.

It wasn’t mandatory to pledge allegiance to one group but there was some underlying pressure, at least for males their age, to choose a side. It would determine their future path.

“Let’s go.”

Outside, Sakuma quirked an eyebrow at them.

“You guys leaving?”

“Thanks for your hospitality up until now. We appreciate it.” Miyadate thanked the shorter male. “But we’ve made our decisions. So we no longer have to hide.”

Sakuma shrugged. “Well, that’s what the Nameless Road is for. People who do not want to be found are around here somewhere. Hiding. So if you need to do it again, you might be welcome to do so.” He shot them a darker glance. “That is, if your future decisions and actions will permit it. You know that I have no problem with it but I do not make the rules here.”

“We know that.” Watanabe nodded. “But we were never ones to run and hide. We’re going to be part of all of this. We’ve picked our poison.”

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