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[Team Three] Musings

This is so short. Seriously. Despite being off of work, Ive been doing so many work related things that this was all I had time for. >.<

More of my ABCZ long lost AU where Tottsu has been turned into a statue

"Ice cold....." Hasshi tsked as he wrapped the blanket more firmly around the Totsuka's shoulders. "I keep asking them to turn the heat up, for you and Gaya, but it seems they aren't listening to me. I will have to ask them again."

"I.... I am sorry about the other day." Hasshi looked down at the floor. "This is hard on your too.... I know that. And I am sorry I was too focused on showing you my feelings, and not paying enough attention to your heart. You and I..... we have too much self doubt, I think....I dunno know why you don't think you are enough... I dunno what demons are in your head, but... come back to me, and I will help you with them, I will love you, and listen to you, until you know, in your head and your heart, that you are amazing."

When Hasshi said things like that, Tottsu wondered why he was stuck as a statue. And how he had been so blind. Watching now.... listening.... thinking it is all that he can do. And he understands so much better.

But Hasshi is so bright and beautiful.....or he, his sparkle was gone. The light in his eyes that Tottsu hadn't known that he appreciated, the brightness of his smile when he saw something that he had he not noticed that all of these things were for him, at him, with him?

How could he have been so blind, so caught up in his own head, and his own demons? And how could Hasshi have noticed that? He had thought he was better at hiding than that, but it appears his perception of many things, was wrong.

orangegreenlove Have fun!
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