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[team three] Flexibility

The YOI craziness continues. I don't know why this little drabble ended up being the way it is since I honestly intended to use my start word to have Victor praising Yuuri and then have Yurio get irritated. I clearly forgot two words in. I also apologize for the language.

"Amazing. You see that blonde there?"

Otabek looks up from where he was about to change back into shoes. Yuri is still on the ice, gracefully gliding through a simple step sequence as he cools down. It's technically their free day, but since Otabek has come to St. Petersburg for a few weeks under the guise of training for the upcoming season, the pair thought it best to get some rink time in anyway. One of the reasons they start practice so early in the morning is to have as much time on the ice before the rink opens to the general public for the day, but it's getting closer to lunch and there are more people coming in.

"I bet flexibility like that would be fucking amazing off the ice too."

Otabek's jaw tightens, knowing that it's Yuri they're talking about. He levels a steely gaze at the guy leaning on the barrier. It goes unnoticed though, the young man's focus is on Yuri as he continues to make crude comments to his small group of friends at Yuri's expense.

Otabek is not a violent person despite his looks. He doesn't like violence, but then he hears the same guy say just how he'd like to make use of 'that pretty blonde's' flexibility and Otabek's vision goes red. He gets close enough that the group notices him approaching before his brain has fully registered the fact that he's even left the bench with his bag and shoes. The guy turns to him but before either of them can say anything, Yuri is there, using his speed on the ice to propel his fist forward, knocking the guy all the way back into the wall behind them.

"I'll fucking show you what my flexibility can do, you fucking ass wipe," Yuri growls angrily. "You think you and your friends are some hot shit or something? Get the hell out of here before I come over there and show you the door."

It looks like the group is going to retaliate, but Otabek takes another step forward, drawing their attention back to him. Whether it's something on his face or the realization that this isn't just between them and Yuri, they begrudgingly grab their things and leave.

Otabek glares as they make their exit, watches the door close after them.

"Beka," Yuri calls out to him in a much softer voice after a moment.

He takes a deep, calming breath before he walks over to the barrier where Yuri is watching him carefully. Otabek takes the hand Yuri reaches out to him with. He brushes his lips across the knuckles that are slightly red from the punch and despite the whole situation, it amuses him that him doing so causes Yuri to blush. He'd pull him closer if the rink barrier weren't separating them. "Don't let what that idiot was saying bother you," he finally says.

Yuri's eyes narrow. "I should say the same to you. I've never seen you so angry."

"Perhaps I've been spending too much time with the ice tiger of Russia," he murmurs, turning Yuri's hand over and pressing a kiss to his palm. "It seems as if his bad habits are rubbing off on me."

"Don't get cute with me Beka. You just got here and if you ask me, you haven't spent anywhere near enough time with me," Yuri retorts with a frown, but Otabek feels warmth spread in his chest.

If the blush is anything to go by, Yuri's just embarrassed himself with his own words, making Otabek smile. In an attempt to cover up the embarrassment he's clearly feeling, Yuri lets out a sound of irritation. "Come on. Let's get cleaned up. There's someplace I wanted to take you for lunch."

With one more squeeze, Otabek reluctantly lets go of Yuri's hand so that he can skate to the opening in the barrier to get off the ice.

Okay doctoggy, you're up!
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