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[team two] complicated doesn't cover it

I seem to be trapped in the black abyss that it is YutoYama angst right now...

“Life is...complicated, isn’t it?” Yuto asks, when Yamada finds him. He’s sitting on the bench overlooking river. It’s not the first place Yamada went but it was pretty far up the list, it’s the bench they used to eat bentos on when they got off the train early on the way home, for no particular reason.

“It sure is.” Yamada agrees as he moves around it to sit down beside Yuto. It’s quiet for a while, nostalgic in a sad sense because things did get complicated somewhere along the way.

“Did Suda call you?” Yuto asks and his voice doesn’t waver at all but Yamada can see that he’s still drunk when he turns to face Yamada and his eyes don’t quite focus. Yamada nods and it’s quiet again as Yuto tries to look carefully over every inch of his face and then turns away. “He wants to fuck you.”

Yamada takes a slow breath. “He doesn’t.” Yuto looks at him with an expression of mild surprise. “He asked me why you seemed to have a stick up your ass half the time on the set of Pink and Gray...I told him about that whole rivalry between us way back when, and Suda had some theories about your feelings for me that I declined to either confirm or deny...”

Yuto almost laughs “So what? Tonight he was just testing a theory?”

“I guess so...” Yamada confirms.

Yuto looks away again and rubs at his knuckles. “Was getting punched in the face part of the plan?”

Yamada tries not to smile but the mental image is kind of funny. “He’s not going to press charges” he pauses for a moment, bracing himself for the rest of it. “He’s even willing to split the cost of the damages at the club with you...glasses, a stool, hush money...”

Yuto rubs his face with his uninjured hand and smiles a bitter smile. “I really fucked up didn’t I?”

“Good thing you have good friends that are willing to cover your ass.” Yamada nods, his lip only twisting a little in annoyance, it could have been bad, really bad, but Suda didn’t mean any harm.

“I just...The way he was talking...the things he was saying he wanted to do...I couldn’t...I know we’re not together but...”

Yamada can hear the slight wobble in Yuto’s voice and interrupts, his own not quite as steady as he’d like it to be. “Yuto, don’t...not when you’re drunk” Yuto looks for a moment like he’s about to protest but then he lets out a breath that seems to deflate him and turns away.

Yamada watches as Yuto fumbles a cigarette out of the pack in his pocket and tries unsuccessfully to light it. He takes pity, even though he doesn’t like Yuto smoking, and takes the lighter from him, cupping one hand around it to shield it from the slight breeze as he lights it.

“Thanks.” Yuto says quietly as he leans forward to ignite the end of his cigarette, he takes a long drag and then looks at Yamada. He seems almost sober, his eyes focusing now, boring into Yamada’s with such intensity as he continues just as quietly. “Ryosuke...thank you.”

Yamada knows they’re not the words in Yuto’s mind, he can see the ones he wants to say playing on his lips as he exhales a smoky breath, but Yuto promised never to say those ones again, all they do is hurt them both.

“I’ll take you home.” Yamada says to break the tension and he gets up from the bench. “If you still want to then we’ll talk about this in the morning”

Your turn captain faded_lace

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