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[Team Three] Dreams and wishes

So this was written after watching news clips of Tsuka-chan interrupting Shori singing "Sexy Zone". Interrupting topless, flexing his muscles, and saying "Sexy Muscle". And it is written in response to watching Tottsu's utter horror and embarrassment on the TV. And this is also written based on my experience seeing the way Tottsu hovered near Hashimoto protectively, watching Hasshi just as much as the senpai on the night the Subaru and Tacky were the special guests at JAI and Hashimto just happened to drop by to fanboy.

Its not proofed. Its my usual OTP (HasshixTottsu)
That is all.
Spoilers for JaniAi/JAI/All Stars Island press con clips, and mentions of non plotline essential parts of JAI.

"Definitely need to take him out to dinner or something, I cannot believe that he would--" Hashimoto stood watching Totsuka pace back and forth in his living room, reliving the final Johnny's All Stars Island over and over in his head. They had all heard about it, all knows that it would appear on the morning news, and as expected Totsuka was a little freaked out over it.

Hashimoto had only been a little surprised when Shori-senpai (did he really count as a senpai) had messaged him, summarizing the entire experienced, Tsuka-chan's half naked "sexy muscle' flexing incident, and Shori-senpai has expressed his concern about 'Tottsu-senpai'.

At first Hashimoto had thought that maybe Shori-senpai was a little over reacting, but when he had explained the entire thing, and the fact that Tottsu had both doubled over in embarrassment and face palmed on stage, and made Tsukada apologize, repeatedly, for interrupting Shori like that, Hashimoto began to see why the younger man was so worried.

And so, Hashimoto had made good use of his extra key, slipping quietly into Totsuka's place. He was supposed to come over that night anyway, since finally they could have some time together before Totsuka had to begin rehearsals for his butai, but he had come over early, as he was now also worried about his favorite senpai.

ashHe would have to sent Shori a think you gift as well, for knowing his senpai enough to know when he needed looked after, and for letting Hashimoto know about it. While he was perfectly capable of taking care of his boyfriend (a fact that everyone seemed to know, even though they never actually told anyone about it).

"You should take Shori-senpai out to dinner, he is worried about you. Maybe teach him another of your solos on guitar. But you should not be surprised that Tsuka-chan would do something like that. It is Tsuka-chan." Hashimoto spoke softly into Totsuka's ear as he slipped up behind him, his arms loose but strong around the older but smaller man. He could feel Totsuka stiffen in his grip for a moment, relaxing back against him. Totsuka didn’t turn around, but Hashimoto tightened his grip. It was easier for Totsuka is he talked to the emptiness about his worries, rather than directly to Hashimoto. Totsuka still wasn’t the smoothest speaking and expressing his thoughts with words, he was much better with actions, songs, or essays, but he would and could speak his mind when given enough time, and no pressure.

"I just... Reboot is soon, and Fumito mentioned that he hopes that this can reboot our careers. We are all working so hard. In plays, in our shows. Four of us have stage plays this year alone."

Hashimoto chuckles. "Kawai-kun needs to get his act together and pull his weight."

"Ryosuke..." Totsuka gently chided but Hashimoto could feel the other chuckle against him.

"And we have the fanmeet in about two weeks, and I had just hoped, that for once, maybe he would more like...." Totsuka sighed.


"….Be more serious. Like our senpai groups."

"The senpai groups that cross dress, or have skits like Ohmiya SK, or crossdressing corners on TV, or punishments games of public humiliation in Shibuya, or suck nipples of nipple pudding ok TV?" Hashimoto's voice was amused, and fond. Oh so very fond, and he could feel Totsuka react, curling into himself.

"I...MatsuJun-senpai was so cool, and collected, and I know it is Fumito's thing to fanboy over him, but for a moment..."

"For a moment you saw us in Toyko Dome, fans screaming for us. For a moment you saw our next step." Hashimoto turned Totsuka around, looking deep into his eyes, though his grip on the other didn’t loosen. "We will make it, Tottsu, I wanted you. I got you. I wanted debut. We got debut. I want us to be big. So big that everyone knows who we are, that we aren't the band where everyone says 'they are johnny's?'. But..." Hashimoto's voice dropped. "I would prefer to fill a dome with our fans, and the fans who love us, then the fans who want us and the juniors."

Hashimoto could feel Totsuka stiffen, and that, he realized was the real problem.

"We will show them all, I know we will. We have always been an our pace band. With our pace members, but its who we are."

Totsuka chuckled, leaning against Hashimoto, burying his head into the others neck.

"When did you get so smart?"

"Same time you got impatient, I guess. I just got used to chasing after the things that I wanted." Hashimoto hugged Totsuka tighter.

"We are 5 stars."

"The best."

"The only."

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