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[team four] paranormal activity

Okay, finally some continuation for our Roswell!AU we invented with elindar.

“You lost!”


The cheerful wave of laughter fills the surroundings but Junmyeon doesn't know who had lost and what that person is supposed to do now due the defeat in rock-paper-scissors. He knows it's pointless to join the group and ask because the result would be an awkward silence, people telling him it's nothing important and Junmyeon isn't stupid enough not to take the cue although these people are from the same year as him and technically they should be kind of friends.

Junmyeon gets his concentration back to his computer. He's about to finish the article for the University magazine he's in charge of. Junmyeon is not too sure if anyone among the students really reads them carefully but he's been getting compliments from the editorial team and he's proud of what he's doing.

“Would you like to order something else?” the voice asks and Junmyeon raises his glance. He's greeted by Minseok who's been the barista of the cafe as long as Junmyeon remembers and they have had a couple of same courses since the first year every now and then. Minseok is nice, Junmyeon thinks. Always polite and friendly towards everyone and doesn't choose his company by their popularity.

“No thanks, I'm good,” Junmyeon answers.

“What are you writing?” Minseok asks while he takes Junmyeon's empty cup and wipes the table. “You seemed so concentrated.”

“Oh this! It's the article I'm working on for the Uni magazine,” Junmyeon says and can't help making his tone a little bit proud. “You know, I'm part of the editorial team.”

“That's cool! What is this article about?” Minseok keeps on asking. Maybe out of the politeness but it feels nice that someone is interested for once.

“It's about paranormal events. You know, things that can't be explained with science,” Junmyeon says and lowers his voice a little bit to sound dramatic. “These things keep on happening even among us.”

Minseok grins. “I'm glad Sehun isn't here to hear that. You know Oh Sehun, our friend? He's been crazy about claiming weird things keep on happening around him.”

Junmyeon raises his eyebrow, surprised. He wasn't prepared to hear that. “Really?”

“Yeah,” Minseok sighs. “But to be honest, I just feel like he's been a bit too obsessed with that Jongin-guy who might take Sehun's place as the most popular guy and that's why Sehun makes up all these things to make the other guy look bad. Or something. Hard to say. Sehun hasn't given up claiming weird things have been happening around the campus, though.”

“Huh,” Junmyeon notes. “What-- kind of things?”

Minseok shrugs. “On the other day he went so far that he claimed he saw someone being invisible. Crazy, right?”

“That surely is--,” Junmyeon hums.

“Anyway,” Minseok says after a moment, almost like realizing he's at work and he's already said too much, “have a nice day and good luck with your article!”

Minseok disappears behind the counter but his words keep ringing on Junmyeon's head.

And at that moment Junmyeon decides to find out what's really going on.

You're up, yunsias!
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