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[team three] SNS Fail

Mostly focused on Yuri and his feelings towards Otabek. Established Yuuri/Victor mentioned. YOI has taken over my life and I'm not sure I'm going to be okay. Also, I found out today that Otabek's birthday is Halloween. OTABEK'S. XD

“Boots? Well that's an interesting choice. Yurio… Did you see? Otabek actually posted something to Instagram.”

Yuri looks at the screen Yuuri is holding out over the kitchen counter. Sure enough, there’s a post from Otabek. “Idiot didn’t even write a caption or use hashtags.” Yuri lets out an aggravated sigh but he feels warm all of a sudden. Something in his expression must have betrayed him though because by the time he has his phone out and Instagram open, there’s a comment under the post from Yuuri saying the boots are nice and wow, whoever chose them must have great taste.

Of course I have great taste, you pig! an indignant Yuri replies furiously. It’s not until he’s already hit the send button that he realizes he’s just fallen for a trap. He cries out in frustration as he hears the telltale shutter sound of Yuuri taking a screenshot.

"Pshh... What do I care if people know I bought those boots for him?" Yuri mutters, noticing that Phichit has already liked Otabek's post as well as Yuri's comment.

He waits for Yuuri to poke at him, but instead, the Japanese skater simply says, “He must really like them to have posted them. Otabek never posts anything,” and then slips his phone back into his pocket. He goes back to making dinner while Yuri just slumps flat against the table.

There’s probably some truth to that, Yuri thinks. He’s always telling Otabek he should post to his Instagram, the app just sitting there in Otabek’s phone after Yuri downloaded it and even made an account for him. Otabek just listens and nods and then doesn’t post.

Until now. Yuri can’t quite keep the pleased look off his face. If Yuuri notices, he doesn't mention it.

Victor is not so forgiving and starts poking at Yuri the moment he gets home. "Yurio~ That's so cute of you, sending Otabek a birthday present. Why didn't you say something sooner? We could have all sent him something. Hey. Hey. How come you didn't tell us it was your boyfriend's birthday? You didn't want to deliver it to him in person? You'll see him next week at the Rostelecom Cup anyway."

"HE'S NOT MY BOYFRIEND, ASSHOLE!" Yuri explodes finally.

Unfazed, Victor leans in closer, "But you like him, no?"

Yuri glares at the older man and Yuuri finally steps in, pinching Victor at the waist. "That's enough of that. Come on. Dinner's ready."

Yuri lives within walking distance from Victor and Yuuri in St. Petersburg and a good jog away from the skating rink. It's more convenient than not to spend most dinners at their place. Yuuri's cooking is worth the consequences of having to deal with them being so...domestic, and it's just simpler than dealing with dinner himself after a long day of training and practice. At least, that's what he tells people. He's not willing to admit out loud that he maybe enjoys being in their company too.

Except for times like this. Victor and Yuuri clearly know how Yuri feels about a certain Kazakhstani skater even though Yuri himself has never told anyone, but he hates having it shoved in his face. When he announces he's going home as soon as he's done eating, Yuuri pinches Victor again with a look. Yuri ignores them and heads out the door.

He walks the few blocks home at a brisk pace. He just wants to get home, play with his cat...and call Otabek to wish him a happy birthday. Sofiya meows softly when he opens the front door to his apartment, looking at him expectantly. He scoops her up on his way in and places her on his bed while he changes into something more comfortable. Checking the time, he hopes it's not too late and pulls up Otabek's info in his phone. He tries not to glow when Otabek's face fills the screen.


Otabek smiles. "I like the shoes. Thank you."

Pleased to actually hear the words spoken, Yuri covers it up with a smirk. "You must have to actually use your Instagram."

"I thought you'd like that."

"I did. I couldn't believe it when Katsu-don said you'd made a post. We need to fix your Instagram game though. You ever heard of selfies? Or hashtags?"

Otabek laughs, a soft rumble and a quick upturn of his mouth. "You can show me next week in Moscow."

That has Yuri smiling. "Definitely."

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