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I'm sorry about the delay; I actually wrote this in time but I've been having difficulties with my internet, so fingers crossed that this actually posts!

notes: This is a prequel of sorts to an idea that I have kicking around in my head: basically now that the final season of Teen Wolf is airing (and we know Stiles' name!!!) I have this idea of the whole thing being retold/revamped/re-shaped into a wider HP universe, where spark!Stiles -> wizard!Stiles, high school -> Ilvermorny, kind of a series of 7 (or eight) "books" to fit the seasons/school years (also when do kids start at Ilvermorny and how are they recruited???? I can't seem to find out), and the whole thing with being forgotten in season seven is somehow related to [stuff I haven't figured out yet] and mass Obliviation/Confundus. Oh, and also what if Claudia (is that her actual name?) was on the run from [something/someone] relating to the most mysterious [known] magic school that doesn't even get a little picture/name thingy: Koldovstoretz. Anyway, it's pretty obvious I still need to figure a lot of stuff out and probably need to actually watch Teen Wolf which...the farthest I've ever gotten watching a series is season 5 episode 15 of Supernatural...and that was like 5 years ago. I'm not holding out much hope for this venture. Anyway, this was note is ridiculously long, and this shiritori was great fun to write. Back to regular programming. [Side note: is the Sheriff's name John? I don't know anything, it seems.]

“You'll be fine.”

Claudia can tell that John wants to shake his head, smile fading out at the corners as he tries to hold everything together, but she knows her words are true.

Lying in the bed, the sound of the machines beeping fades in and out of focus as she reaches out. It's hard to concentrate, her body is failing and while she could probably pull back, hold herself together a while longer, there are more important things. There's just enough left for her to push a final surge towards the shield surrounding the town, keeping it safe.

Keeping Mieczyslaw safe.

Her fingers twitch slightly, not really a squeeze, but John meets her more than halfway, wrapping her cold fingers closer in his warm grasp.

“Stiles will be here right after school,” he assures her. She knows anyway, can feel him in the school, in the bright bundle of energy that is multiple young bodies, but she saves her strength and doesn't bother nodding.

Soon, she thinks. Soon it will be finished.

колдовсторец, you lost.

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