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[team one] colors of the wip

a day late, and it's not finished but at least there's something and i'm not skipping?? calmly writer ate my words yesterday so i had to rewrite everything, and it's not finished yet but i'm going to finish this!!

Yoongi wouldn't be anywhere else right now. BTS have had the day off, which sounds nice but means 8 - 12 hours spent in one of the pracise rooms in their company's building. Day off means no official, public schedules but they're never really free from practises and rehearsals. It's nice, though, to be able to spend a day like they used to back when they were trainees. In sweats, dancing, rapping, composing, singing, laughing. No make up, no stylists, no one but themselves.

For once, they're all gathered in the living room, curled up on the floor and on all their sofas and love seats. With tummies filled with the chicken they ordered a couple of hours earlier, as well as the beer and soju they were allowed to bring into their dorm, they're all full and pleasantly buzzed; some more than others. It's almost midnight, and while tomorrow is another day off, they're expected to wake up at 7, practices and rehearsals start at 8. An hour extra is what they get, and while it to some might seem like nothing, it's everything to them.

The TV is on, Taehyung is playing Assassin's Creed Syndicate for the thousandth time; Yoongi doesn't understand why he bothers, he has played it through several times. According to Taehyung it's because he hasn't got 100% synchronization - Yoongi has no idea what that even means - but Taehyung is insistent on making it, even when Jimin calls him a loser, hitting the back of his head with his bag of chips.

At Jimin's movement, Jungkook, who's lying in Jimin's small lap; arms and legs sticking out everywhere because he's so fucking long and Jimin's, well, not, whines, protests with a pout. Yoongi rolls his eyes when Jimin coos, voice sugary, syrup-y sweet, at him, apologizing to Jungkookie for startling him, was he asleep?

"Dude, he's not three," Taehyung says absently, gaze flickering from the TV where the girl, Eevee whatsherface, is currently invisible, to Jimin who's pinching Jungkook's cheeks. Jimin looks up through blond bangs, eyes narrowing.

"No one asked you, dickhead," Jimin says, sticking his tongue out at Taehyung.

"Language," Namjoon mutters half-heartedly from his place in the armchair, legs folded underneath him, his Mac in his lap, glasses perched on his nose. He's in full work-mode and isn't really paying attention, just pretends that he is.

Jimin and Taehyung stay quiet, expressing their feelings to one another by showing middle-fingers and sticking out tongues.

Hoseok, who's sharing the loveseat with Yoongi snorts at them as he looks up from his phone, but doesn't say anything. Yoongi wishes there were someone seated between Jimin and Taehyung to keep them from their daily fights. It's never a big, serious fight. They fight like kids, over cereal prizes, hoodies and earphones.

"It's like having twins," Yoongi muses out loud, takes a swig of his beer. It's not exactly refreshing at this point, the liquid more hot than cold; lukewarm in Yoongi's mouth. Hoseok chuckles, patting Yoongi's knee. For them to be able to share the loveseat, Hoseok agreed to have Yoongi's legs in his lap.

"Are you their dad, then?" Hoseok asks, reaching over to steal Jimin's big bag of chips. It's child's play, seeing as Jimin's attention is torn between the giant Jungkook in his lap, demanding: 'more tummy rubs, Jiminie hyung,', and Taehyung who just called Jimin a smurf. Jimin turns into a tiny, snarling ball of blond hair, sweater paws and high pitched battle cries as he tries to throw himself at Taehyung. Luckily for Taehyung, there's a cushion between them and also Jungkook's weight in Jimin's lap that keeps him from moving.

"Dumbo!" Jimin snarls, trying to reach out to hit Taehyung. but the only thing he achieves is the sleeves of his blue hoodie flopping uselessly about 10 cm away from Taehyung's face.

"Jigglypuff," is Taehyung's comeback, accompanied by a well placed index finger. Yoongi needs more alcohol, facepalms internally as Taehyung looks awfully pleased with himself.

"I'm just borrowing them," Yoongi mutters, frowning when he realizes his beer can is empty. His thrid one that night. "They can be returned within 14 days."

Hoseok looks at him omniously, eyes shining in the dim light.


As Hoseok's mouth opens around a smile, but he's interrupted by another voice, another person entering the living room.

"Quiet, inside-voices, remember that from kindergarten?" Seokjin asks as he passes them, wearing nothing more than a pair of purple boxer briefs. Yoongi sweats. When did it get so hot inside? Has Jungkook turned the floor heating on max again without them noticing?

"Yes, mom," Hoseok snickers, eyes filled with glee as they flicker from Seokjin, to Yoongi and back to Seokjin.

"Wasn't talking to you, sweetie," Seokjin says cheerily. He pauses behind Namjoon's chair, frowns for a second before looking up in the direction of their three youngest ones; Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook. "Keep it down?"

"Jimin hyung called Taehyung hyung a dickhead and then-" Jungkook starts, falls quiet as both Jimin and Taehyung look at him, eyes as big as saucers. "I just wanted tummy rubs," he continues meekly.

Seokjin looks fondly at them. "Be nice ok?"

The three of them nod. Yoongi's insides flutters. This is ridiculous.

Seokjin vanishes into their kitchen for a couple of minutes, during which Yoongi seriously considers drowning himself in his empty beer can - how is that even possible? Taehyung turns back to his game, Jimin turns back to Jungkook and his tummy rubs. Hoseok keeps looking at Yoongi.

"What?" Yoong snaps at Hoseok who laughs, laughs at Yoongi, but shakes his head.

"Nothing," he grins. Maybe that can would be better stuffed up Hoseok's nose instead.

When Seokjin returns, Yoongi is siting up, feet folded underneath him, fingers prodding the emtpy beer can, squeezing the material of it, making metallic noises. Yoongi hears Seokjin pause, and as he looks up he meets Seokjin's gaze.

"I'm going to take a bath," Seokjin says to them all while his gaze remains on Yoongi. He raises an eyebrow as if it's a question, before he walks off. Yoongi looks back down on his beer can, listening to Seokjin's feet against their wooden floor, the familiar sound of the door to the bathroom closing.

The atmosphere in the living room falls back into the same track as it had been before Seokjin had walked past them; Taehyung and Jimin continuing with their bickering, albeit quieter, Jungkook quiet unless Jimin stops petting his tummy, Namjoon's fully devoted to his Mac. Hoseok, well, looks smug. His attention is not on Yoongi, however, eyes on the screen where Eevee's brother...Jonathan? is getting his ass handed to him on a boat in the middle of the night. Hoseok's expression still annoys Yoongi, and he knows that Hoseok knows. That fucker.

Not that there's anything for Hoseok to know.

Yoongi isn't sure how much time passes while he sits there, looking at Taehyung's game but not quite paying attention. His mind is elsewhere, fingers itching, blood simmering in his veins. He wants to move, wants to walk down the hall and- Yoongi squeezes the beer can between his fingers. In the corner of his eye he notices Jungkook jumping at the sound, but Jimin is quick to murmur something, again in that sugary sweet voice of his to calm him down. Taehyung snorts and they're back at it again.

"Jimin, Taehyung, don't make me go and get Seokjin hyung," Namjoon says, looking over the rim of his glasses. They're not afraid of Seokjin at all; it's not a threat at all, so why is he even-

"I bet Yoongi hyung would love that," Taehyung snickers, Jimin and Hoseok explodes; their laugh fill the room, startling Jungkook who had fallen asleep. Inside Yoongi's body, every single ounce of blood skyrockets to his cheeks; he's bound to look like a tomato. Shaking his head, Yoongi tries to seem nonchalant, careless. It's fine, this is fine. He's not embarrassed at all, why would he be?

"I bet you could fry an egg on Yoongi hyung's face right now," Jungkook says sleepily, yawning. And that does it. Even Namjoon cracks up, his dark voice sending laughter akin to thunder throughout their dorm - probably even waking their neighbors.

"Fuck you, I'm going to bed," Yoongi says flatly, getting up on his feet. As he walks off in the direction of his room, he hears Jimin yell: "Tell Seokjin hyung to fu-tuck you in nicely!"

Yoongi hates them all.

can you paint with all the colors of the wind, oneforyourfire ? you're up!
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