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[Team Seven] Magic!AU the third

shiritori is the only reason i'm updating my fics at this point lmao here's another drabble for magic!au

“Friends help friends,” Junhui says, pouting.

“Friends help friends by helping them become better people, not pettier people,” Minghao replies, rolling his eyes as he moves his blue plastic gingerbread man to the next orange square.

“Yeah but this is a good cause.” Junhui picks up a card, sighing when he has to move back to the candy cane forest.

“We’ve been over this,” Minghao says, snapping his finger so his glass of water floats over from the kitchen counter.

“Yeah, we have.” Junhui gives him a look. He huffs when Minghao just rolls his eyes again. “That’s the only parking spot that has shade in the summer but no terrible pileup of snow in the winter. It’s the dream spot. Come on, Minghao, I wouldn’t even need to use a really bad curse.”

“I don’t think I should support you literally cursing your neighbor so you can take his parking spot,” Minghao says, sipping his water calmly. He’s up to Queen Frostine while Junhui’s still back near the candy canes, and he’s feeling pretty good about this round.

“Oh come on,” Junhui pleads, “it’s just a small curse. I only need your help for like five minutes and then I’ll buy you dinner.”

“You’re not worried about what Jihoon will do once he figures out what you’ve done?”

“No, not really,” Junhui says casually. “He likes me.”

“You seem pretty confident about that,” Minghao says, grinning as he passes Lord Licorice.

“I am,” Junhui shrugs. He moves his gingerbread man up to Princess Lolly. “And if he doesn’t, I can make him.”

Minghao raises an eyebrow. “That’s more than a small curse.”

Rude,” Junhui says, laughing. “I meant my remarkably charming flirting.” He winks, laughing again when Minghao cringes.

“Well it’s your head,” Minghao says, triumphantly moving his piece to the final rainbow tile. He grins over at Junhui. “Let’s go. I want hotpot tonight.”

next is beltenebra :)
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