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[TEAM ONE] Team Bonding Trip XI

so i finished it, and, well, what am i supposed to write now??? ;;;;; also i.o.i are disbanding this month so i feel this is fitting, to finish the 11 fics this way. doesn't mean i'm not sad ;;;;; /whines

i mean i could write i.o.i fic despite that.....thoughts?

(also i absolutely ship dodaeng but...i'm not doing that)

“Time to go,” Yoojung whispers, as she shakes Doyeon awake.

“Huh?” Doyeon asks, as she wakes up slowly. She yawns, prettily. Everything about her is pretty, even with drool wetting the side of her pillow, sleep encrusted in the corner of her eyes, and her bed-hair a mess. Yoojung will always think her best friend is the prettiest girl in the universe. (CL is second, obviously.) “What?”

“You told me to wake you up at 2am,” Yoojung whispers, somehow managing to make the whisper sound a little petulant. It’s a talent she’s actually proud of. “So I did. It’s time to go.”

Doyeon pushes herself up and, without bothering to change out of her pyjamas, grabs her shoes. The two of them creep out of the tent, careful not to wake Chaeyeon up. Yoojung says a mental apology for keeping her favourite unnie out of the loop, but it’s always been the two of them—Yoojung and Doyeon—and, frankly, she wants to keep it that way.

They slide their shoes on once out of the tent—but it’s temporary. They’re not going to need them for much longer.

Both of them have always been good girls. They’ve obeyed their teachers, parents, older staff. Yoojung hadn’t thought either of them had a hint of badness in them, until Doyeon, sleepily, confessed to wanting to skinny dip under the stars. And Yoojung—well, Yoojung had jumped at the chance. It’s something different, something new, something fun.

Everyone else is asleep, and there’s a pool here, and honestly it’s not like their unclothed body parts will make the water any different than it already is, right?

So they both sneak to the water’s edge with the help of a torch that Yoojung had brought—on the lowest light setting. The camp instructors had never told them that being out after dark was against any rules, but they don’t want to run the risk of waking anyone up, or getting into trouble anyway. It’s basically public nudity. Being caught would be embarrassing.

They make short work of their clothes, wanting to make the risk of getting caught as minor as possible. Slipping into the pool naked is a weird feeling, because the water is cool this time of night, but Yoojung still relishes the feeling of the water against her skin. Just as quietly, Doyeon follows her in.

Both of them rest against the side of the pool for a moment, and then Yoojung tilts her head to look up at the stars. “They’re beautiful,” she whispers.

“I think they’re more beautiful due to what we’re doing,” Doyeon responds. “This is fun, isn’t it?”

Yoojung giggles. She’s not wrong—the fact that this is dangerous almost makes it better.

And maybe it’s weird to be naked in a swimming pool with your best friend, but, frankly, Yoojung wouldn’t be anywhere else right now.

hihi, caterplina!
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