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[team one] take what you can

Was determined to write something this time, so here's the beginning of a new au, pirate VIXX, with those nice blurred lines between friends and lovers that I love so much. (aka, it's probably going to be some sort of OT6, though only Hakyeon/Taekwoon/Jaehwan for now..)

Dress to impress, Hakyeon usually says when he’s going out. When you have access to all the riches stolen for you by other pirates, there’s a wide variety of impressive clothes and jewellery to choose from, and Hakyeon certainly enjoys taking his pick. Tonight, however, he’s dressed simply in all black, no dangling jewellery that will alert anyone of his presence. Dress to become invisible. Although he likes to wear flashy things, this outfit is comfortable, and makes it easy to slink into the shadows. Jaehwan is regarding him with an appraising look, nodding approvingly before turning to exit the cabin. He stops with his hand on the door handle, though, “Be careful.”

“You know me,” Hakyeon says with an easy grin. He’s never careful, they both know; he gets somewhat of an adrenaline rush from nearly being caught and getting away only in the last second. Besides, none of the crew are ever very careful, because they would never get anything done that way. You don’t plunder and rob carefully. So they both know Hakyeon isn’t exactly careful, but they also know that he always comes back, even if it may take a few days longer than usual.

The corner of Jaehwan’s lips quirks. “I’ll tell the captain you’re ready to go,” he says. “You want your lucky charm, yes?”

A chuckle bubbles out of Hakyeon as he crosses the small space of the cabin to wrap his fingers around the quartermaster’s wrist. “I have more than one lucky charm,” he murmurs into his ear, grabs Jaehwan by the chin, turning his face to him. He presses their lips together a little more harshly than planned, although by his dark eyes Jaehwan doesn’t mind one bit as he returns the kiss.

It’s short, but Hakyeon certainly feels lucky when they pull away and a smirk plays on Jaehwan’s lips. “That was one,” Hakyeon remarks, pleased. “You can go get the second one now.”

When Taekwoon enters the cabin a few minutes later, Hakyeon is sat comfortably at the desk. “Let’s go,” says the captain, and gives him a distasteful look. “Feet off my damn table.”

“Ay ay, captain,” Hakyeon replies cheerfully and gets to his feet, following the other out of the cabin. He shivers slightly at the gust of wind that passes by just as he leaves the warmth of Taekwoon’s cabin, and tucks his coat a little closer around him.

“You remember the plan?” Taekwoon asks.

“I always remember the plans, cap. Do you remember the plan?” says Hakyeon with just a smidge of annoyance; he knows Taekwoon worries sometimes, but he’s been doing this for years, he knows what he’s doing.

Taekwoon sighs and rolls his eyes. “Get the loot and leave,” he says. “No funny business, not after last time.”

“I’ll be fine, Taekwoon, now stop talking and come here before I revoke you of good luck charm rights,” Hakyeon threatens and pulls the man down by the neck to kiss him. It’s nice and gentle, and it’s almost funny somehow, that he’s kissing Taekwoon so softly right before going to empty an enemy ship of all or most of its riches, but he doesn’t think about it much.

“All right, I’m all stocked up on good luck,” he says when they pull away. “Time to go.”

Team leader cairistiona you're up! Good luck!
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