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[team two] you know you want it

I wanted to write more on this but I'm almost at the deadline and my brain is just zapped right now >_<

“Asleep already?” Hagiya pouts, looking over at Sanada and Myuto, they're sprawled out across a sofa each, empty beer bottles littering the floor beside them. He turns to Yasui instead, who is occupying the arm chair just behind him. “That's no fun.”

There's something strange in Yasui's eyes, something kind of smug about his expression and Hagiya has known him long enough to know it has nothing to do with the alcohol. “On the contrary, that will make things more fun.” He strikes like a cobra, darting up from his seat and grabbing Hagiya around the waist before he has chance to even think of running. He pulls Hagiya back down into the chair and Hagiya struggles just a little, just until Yasui's lips find the back of his neck. He shudders and then gasps a little as Yasui kisses his neck again, then again, moving around to the side and by the time Yasui reaches the shell of his ear, Hagiya is putty in his arms. “You'll have to be quiet so they don't wake up.”

Hagiya's eyes open wide because for a moment there he'd almost forgotten, but then Sanada gives a loud snore and rolls a little to face the back of the sofa. They're not even doing anything incriminating really, but Hagiya holds his breath anyway, until Sanada's breathing evens out again.

“Yassu~” he whines quietly but it ends with a gasp as one of Yasui's hands relocates from his waist to his crotch. “Don't...” he continues, though both of his hands are free to try and stop it an yet he moves neither. “We can't...not here...”

“Sure we can.” Yasui murmurs in a low voice and his lips are back on Hagiya's neck, his hand groping harder, insistent and Hagiya feels himself hardening at the touch.

“Can't we go to the bedroom?” he asks, quivering as Yasui blows softly against his ear.

Yasui lets out something close to a dry chuckle. “You think Myuto will be happy if he hears we fucked in his bed? Or did you want to do it in his parents' bed?”

Hagiya's cheeks flush at the thought and he shakes his head. He doubts that Myuto will be any happier hearing they fucked in his armchair and he's pretty sure that the fact it was in his presence will only make it worse but he's distracted from his arguments by Yasui's hand slipping deftly beneath his sweatpants.

He can feel that Yasui is hard too, its digging into his tail bone and Yasui hums in approval as Hagiya squirms involuntarily in his lap and pushes back against it. “You want to do it in front of them.” Hagiya accuses him, his voice cracking a little as Yasui's thumb rubs roughly over the head of his cock.

Yasui doesn't deny it, just lifts his legs to tip Hagiya back and then the hand in Hagiya's sweatpants moves down and back, the fingers pressing against Hagiya's rim. He can't stop it twitching at the stimulation, can't stop his eyes rolling back into his head and then Sanada grunts again in his sleep and Hagiya almost swallows Yasui's middle finger.

It's wrong, it's so incredibly wrong because Sanada could wake up any moment and catch them. Myuto could too, and that would be worse only Hagiya's mind is already fogging with arousal, with need to feel more of Yasui inside him and for one, uncharacteristic moment, he almost thinks he wants one of them to wake up.

Yasui bites into Hagiya's shoulder and Hagiya whimpers, the sound only sounding more desperate as Yasui slides his finger out. “Eager” Yasui taunts him. “At least let me lube you up first.”

It's happening. There's no doubt about that, even with the lingering panic in Hagiya's mind telling him that this is an incredibly bad idea. He wants it to happen, he wants to feel Yasui inside him. And really, it's not that much different to the time they did it behind the costume rack.

It's completely different, Hagiya argues against himself, because at least there they had a bulging rack of clothes to hide their bodies, a room full of bustling Juniors to mask their noises. Right now, if one of his band-mates even opens their eyes they'll see everything. Every gasp and moan will echo in the silence between them. One such moan sneaks out at the thought and Hagiya is torn again.

Yasui's hand retreats and moves to the waistband of his sweatpants, tugging the material down over the curve of his ass, exposing him and he can't help moaning again. This is happening. “Well get on with it”

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