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[Team Five] We could have danced all night

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To C, who told me about dancing!Nabe and rich-man!Date in Johnnys' All Stars Island♡

“Miss you, too.” Miyadate muttered to himself as he placed the postcard on the growing pile at a corner of his table.

He took up his fountain pen, intending to go back to his work, but his mind drifted back to the man who wrote the postcard, to the content of the postcard.


Miyadate sat lazily on the posh sofa chair, crossing his long legs, swirling a glass of whisky in his hand. Nagatsuma and Kajiyama had insisted him to join them at the ship’s night club, promising a night of enjoyment, fun and beautiful entertainers.

But so far, none of the performers had caught Miyadate’s eye, and he was getting bored, contemplating to call it a night. “Asahi-kun, Reo-kun-”

“Oh look, Ryota-kun! The best performance is about to start!” There was evident excitement in Nagatsuma’s voice.

“You don’t want to miss this, Ryota-kun, trust me.” Kajiyama winked.

Miyadate gave a helpless shrug, he already stayed for so long, he might as well stuck around for one more song.

The music started, an upbeat jazzy piece which sounded more energetic than the previous songs. Bright lights shone from the stage and Miyadate was momentarily blinded. After he blinked and next looked ahead of him, the dancers had already took over the stage.

They were dressed in white, the males in white sparkling suits and the females in shimmering dresses. Their movements were sharp yet graceful, bodies grooving towards the beat, the dance steps similar but each dancer showcasing their styles through coordinated differing moves and expressions.

Miyadate was instantly drawn to a male dancer standing towards the left of the stage. He had a lazy smile that seemed to indicate he was enjoying what he was doing, his movements were relaxed more so than sharp. There was this sultry hint in his dance as he swayed his hips a little wider as compared to the other male dancers. It was alluring and Miyadate was captivated, his eyes never once leaving the dancer.

The dancer did a turn and caught Miyadate staring at him. And he held Miyadate’s gaze, the smile on his bow lips spreading wider, his eyes lighting up at his audience.

The song ended before Miyadate remembered to breath.

“I told you this is good, didn’t I?” Nagatsuma clapped Miyadate’s shoulder.

“Uh?” Miyadate turned to his friend, still too absorbed with the now ended show.

“He’s besotted. Come tell us, which dancer caught your eye? We can arrange something.” Kajiyama teased.

Miyadate shook his head, returning to himself. He always have a long line of suitors, females and males alike, there was no need for someone of his status to chase after another person. “I’m fine. It’s okay.”

Kajiyama laughed while Nagatsuma looked unconvinced.

Miyadate returned to the nightclub a few more times with his friends, each time giving his undivided attention to the fair skin dancer. When the dancer took the stage, Miyadate always get the feeling that he was the dancer’s only audience, their gazes holding each other as the dancer twirled around gracefully, each move perfect, giving his best as he smiled beautifully at Miyadate. But once the song ended, Miyadate never pursued the dancer off stage, and neither did the dancer approach him after the performance.

Another week passed by before Miyadate chanced upon the dancer while taking a midnight stroll on the empty deck. The dancer was leaning against the railing and Miyadate walked towards him, drawn to his presence.

The dancer looked around at the sound of approaching footsteps and saw Miyadate. There was a sign of recognition and he smiled at Miyadate. The smile was no less brighter than those he gave to Miyadate when he was on the stage.

“Good evening, Miyadate-san.” The dancer greeted.

Miyadate blinked. “You know my name. But I don't know yours.”

“I'm Watanabe Shota.” Watanabe replied, a lisp in his voice.

“Shota-san.” Miyadate offered a hand to Watanabe and the latter took it, not taking offense to Miyadate calling him by his first name immediately. Miyadate shook Watanabe’s hand but he realized he lingered longer than necessarily when Watanabe looked at him questioningly, an amused sparkle in the latter’s eyes.

“You dance well.” Miyadate blurted out, and then bit his tongue, he seldom gave other people outright compliments.

But the growing smile on Watanabe’s face erased Miyadate’s opposing thought.

“Would you like to dance?” Watanabe asked.

“What? Now?” Miyadate’s eyes widened. “I don’t know how to dance.”

“I’ll teach you.” Watanabe took one of Miyadate’s hand into his own, and slipped another hand on Miyadate’s waist. He then tugged on Miyadate’s free hand to put on his own waist.

And with that the dancer started singing a song, a cheery and catchy beat which Miyadate had heard of before, and the rich man hummed along with him. Watanabe led the dance, the moves simple, pulling Miyadate to sway along with the music.

Miyadate relaxed into Watanabe’s hold as he got used to the rhythm and found himself smiling back at Watanabe.

At this close distance, Miyadate saw that Watanabe’s face was free of stage makeup but it was still as flawless. Moles dotted the dancer’s nose and there was one particular outstanding one just above Watanabe’s lip.

Before Miyadate knew it, he had leaned forward to kiss the mark above the dancer’s mouth.

“You're beautiful.” Miyadate breathed out when he leaned back.

Watanabe just smiled wider at the compliment and returned a kiss on Miyadate’s lips. Miyadate’s hold on the dancer tightened as they continued to kiss on the deck in the moonlight.

They met every night on the deck after that. Watanabe would bring Miyadate to explore the different parts of the ship, areas which were out of bounds to passengers usually. Miyadate in turn snuck Watanabe into the high class cabin, leading the dancer around the luxurious set.

“I’ve been thinking about soaking in here all day.” Watanabe sighed as he leaned back comfortably against Miyadate, letting the Jacuzzi water ran over his body, massaging his sore muscles.

Miyadate’s arm was around Watanabe’s back as he rubbed soothing circles on the latter’s waist.

“Tiring day?”

Watanabe gave a slight nod which Miyadate could feel against his shoulder more than he could see Watanabe’s bob of the head.

“We’ve started learning the finale dance, the choreography is complicated.”

Miyadate’s hand paused at Watanabe’s words. “Finale dance?”

“Uh huh. This ship is ending her voyage soon.”


That was when Watanabe noticed there was something weird about Miyadate’s tone and he pulled himself away slightly, turning to look at the other man.

“What’s wrong?” The dancer asked in concern.

Miyadate looked at Watanabe quietly for a moment, before replying, “I’m disembarking soon.”

“Oh.” Realization dawned on Watanabe’s face. He looked away, hands fiddling with the water, drawing ripples.

At that moment, Miyadate really wanted to ask Watanabe to come with him. However, after spending weeks with the dancer, he could tell Watanabe’s love in his profession, in his fellow performers, in this ship. And much that he had developed feelings for the dancer, he could not bring himself to ask Watanabe to leave the things the dancer loved behind.

“Can I write to you?” Watanabe asked.

Miyadate brought his free hand to cup Watanabe’s face, gently turning the dancer’s face to himself. “Of course. I'll love to hear from you.”

“And will you write to me too?” Watanabe’s hand came up to caress the side of Miyadate’s face.

“Yes, I will.”

“Then that will be enough.” Watanabe smiled then, the same endearing smile which always caused Miyadate’s heart to catch.


Dear Ryota-san,

How have you been?

The weather has turned cold as the season changed to fall. The wind is getting stronger and it is sometimes even too much to stroll along the deck.

The city of Southampton is beautiful, the architecture and buildings different from Japan. It is wonderful to finally visit the city where the majestic Titanic set sail from.

I've heard many stories of those who were on board from the locals, and one tale about the captain and the sailor boy whose sleeves were too long was particularly memorable. I'll tell you about it the next time we meet.

The ship will be returning to Japan soon after this.

I miss you.

With love,


It was a sunny day, but the wind was still slightly chilly as winter faded into the coming spring.

Miyadate pulled his coat more securely around himself as he stood in the crowd.

“Ryota-san!” A familiar voice called his name and Miyadate turned around. Watanabe was smiling and waving to him as the dancer approached.

“Shota.” Miyadate wrapped his arms around Watanabe, embracing the other. “Welcome home.”

Over to you, airplanewishes :)
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