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[Team Seven] Hunger

Happy New Year people of shiritoriland! ♥

Since some of you have been asking for it... here's the next instalment of the Snow Man High&Low AU.

Tea ceremonies that somehow turned into rowdy drinking parties (sometimes with or without girls) were no rare occasion at Daruma Ikka. Miyadate had figured out how to avoid them. He wasn’t the only one, so it was nothing people would frown upon. It wasn’t that he was generally opposed to parties - one of the specialties of his group was throwing parties and festivals after all - but these particular kinds of parties were of no interest to him.

He walked down the halls of the traditional Japanese style mansion, the long, colourful kimono draped over his shoulders dragging behind him on the floor. It stood in stark contrast with the simple black yukata style one he was wearing.

“I like that on you but I think I’d like it off you more,” a voice commented from somewhere next to him as he passed a hallway. Miyadate’s lips twitched a little and curled into a smile. He’d sensed the other’s presence well before he’d heard his voice. Miyadate had been wondering how patient the other would be, when he would break the silence and demand attention.

With a flick of his wrist he opened the sliding doors to a room. “Get in here. I might be willing to negotiate my state of dress or undress in private.”

The other slid past him into the room. Miyadate grinned and offered, “Should I get you some tea? It would be terribly rude not to offer some to a guest.”

“Fuck tea.” The other grabbed him by the collar and dragged him inside, barely giving him enough time to close the door behind him. “I don’t care about that. And neither do you because you just ditched your group’s stupid tea party.”

Before Miyadate could reply, he found his lips occupied by another pair pressed against them.

He couldn’t hide his grin. It was one of those days, huh. One of the days when the other as extremely impatient. Miyadate let his hands slide down the other’s body, on the way to the other’s hips. His fingers brushed over the pristine white clothes. The colour just made Miyadate want to soil them, to dye them a different colour - preferably red.

A soft growl could be heard from him when his hands stopped at the beltline.

Pulling away, he looked into the other’s eyes, “You lost weight again, Shota. Are they not feeding you enough at that club of yours?”

Watanabe grumbled and averted his eyes. “Do you have to bring that up all the time?”

“I’m worried about you.” Miyadate retorted. “You know, one of the conditions of doing this was that we take care of ourselves. You said you would. You promised.”

“I don’t feel like eating it if you didn’t make it.” Watanabe blurted out. “I can’t help it!”

Miyadate let that sink in and then laughed softly before pulling the other back into his arms. “I shall feed you before you leave then.” But he turned serious again. “You have to get used to it, though. Our situation’s changed now. We made that decision together.”

“I know.”

“Otherwise I’ll have to go and have a word with Hasshi.” Miyadate nuzzled Watanabe’s neck.

Reaching up to touch Miyadate’s hands with his own, Watanabe laughed softly. “And possibly start a feud between our groups? I don’t think my appetite or lack thereof is worth that risk.”

“You underestimate your own worth. To me.” Miyadate sounded dead serious.

Those words seemed to reawaken a different hunger in Watanabe. The one that had brought him here, the one that had gotten them both into this room a few moments prior. Turning around in Miyadate’s loose hug, Watanabe swiftly pushed all the clothes he found out of his way, including his own. “Show me how much I’m worth to you then.”

Your turn prillalar
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