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[Team Two] Imagine the shock

So this is a pointless little drabble done last minute. I doubt it even makes sense. Anyways, have a happy new year everyone!

Title: Imagine the shock
Group: Ebikisu
Rating:R for alcohol and mentions of sex toys
Pair: None, some slightly mentioned

“Imagine my shock when Gaya suddenly drags me into the store and starts asking me which tail would look best on him!” Kitayama is far too drunk, his face red and his laugh raspy. The combined Kisumai and ABC-Z members all laugh cheerfully, equally drunk. Fujigaya for his part turns slightly red and splutters out that he needed a second opinion.

“On a butt-plug tail?!” Kitayama is far louder than he should be. None of them contain the capacity to shush him though, as most of them are just as bad. Tamamori and Miyata are snuggled together and whispering, Nikaido,Senga, Tsukada and Hashimoto are all having a muscle showing contest that looks more comical than anything. Kawai’s laughter can be heard no matter how loud the others get. The remaining group is highly entertained by Fujigaya’s embarrassment.

“Where did you get it? And what one did you choose? Why haven’t I seen it?” Goseki is the most interested in the topic, and Fujigaya looked crossed between mortification and actually wanting to share the details with his best friend. Kitayama snorts, apparently not surprised. Totsuka is the only one who says nothing, just smiles so that his eyes crinkle.

They don’t get nights like this often. When somehow their entire groups have it all off and they can go out drinking. It’s nice to take in the moment. Fugiaya and Goseki start a conversation about butt plug tails, and Kitayama seems bored with the topic. Totsuka just smiles and takes in their group of friends and enjoys the light headed feeling from too much alcohol.

Your turn dusk037
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