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[Team Four] Sharpies Not Tattoos (1/?)

Wanted to try my hand at a lighthearted soulmate au before writing a more serious one.

“Oh,” gasps the beloved mother of one Do Kyungsoo before she giggles. “Your soulmate is quite an artist.”

Kyungsoo, who is 4 years old at the time, stares at his colorful arms filled with unintelligible scribbles. He had come running to his mother when they first started to show while he was playing earlier. Now, he looks at her in confusion instead of fear. “Soulmate? I have a soulmate? Like you and Dad? And- And Auntie and Auntie?”

“Yes. Just like us, Kyungsoo.” She confirms his budding knowledge of the concept of soulmates. “I’m sure you’ll meet them when you’re older.”

“Why can’t I meet them now?” He brings his arms up in the air and grins at the yellow and blue nothings. “I want to meet them. Please, Mom.”

Crouching down to her son’s level, she sighs wistfully and taps his nose. “I remember when I was so excited to meet your Dad too. But it’s better not to try and find them right now.”

“But why?” Kyungsoo drags out the last syllable, whining as petulantly as he could.

She picks him up, cradling him close with a peck to his cheek. “We have to be patient. You don’t like eating raw cakes, right?”

The little face scrunches up in thought before Kyungsoo says with a wide grin, “I like batter.”

The woman laughs aloud and shakes her head after. “I know you do, my cute troublemaker. You know cake is much more delicious when cooked though. Can you imagine that yummy soft goodness, love?”

“Mom, I want cake now.” Kyungsoo juts his lower lip out, knowing full well it gets him what he wants most of the time. His mother smiles and walks them to the kitchen before placing Kyungsoo down on a chair. He swings his feet while waiting for his treat. Instead of the cake from yesterday, a small cup of yogurt is placed down in front of him. He frowns and grumbles about specifically saying ‘cake’ not ‘yogurt’.

“Delayed gratification, Kyungsoo. Waiting to have your cake after dinner later is like waiting for your soulmate. There’s a right time and it’s so much better at that right time.” She sits down next to him, amusement all over her face. “Delayed gratification.”

“Delay grat-what?” Kyungsoo still digs in, savoring the taste of the yogurt he doesn’t hate all that much.

His mother says each syllable and he repeats it until he could say the whole phrase. After he finishes the cup, he thrusts his small spoon forward and proclaims, “Delayed gratification!”

The spoon is plucked away along with the cup. She nods, “Yes, love. You’ll learn how to be patient.”

“Patient. Delayed gratifica-oh.” Kyungsoo stares in wonder at the new writing on his arm. It’s in black and he’s sure these are actual letters and words. “Mom! Mom! Look! Read it please.”

“Read?” She walks over to him, examining the arm he’s holding out. It takes a moment before she can decipher the words that pop out of the pale skin. She finds it amusing to see the crude handwriting of a name. She can imagine someone older had tried to guide an energetic smaller hand. “Jongin. His name is Jongin, love.”

“Jongin. Jongin!” Kyungsoo claps in delight. It’s his soulmate. It’s his soulmate’s name. He’ll keep it in his mind and treasure it. Jongin is his soulmate. He holds out his arm to his mother, “Kyungsoo. Write Kyungsoo! Uhm please.”

She laughs at his eagerness. “Wouldn’t you like to write your name on your own like your soulmate did?”

“Oh!” Kyungsoo jumps out of his seat to run to the living room. He scours his box for washable markers and picks the black one. He runs back to his mother and asks her to write with him. Together, they manage to write a decent looking ‘Kyungsoo’. He stares at the black names on his arms in the tangled mess of yellow and blue scribbles.

At night, the names and scribbles have been washed away despite a gallant protest from Kyungsoo. He stares forlornly at his blank skin. He wishes his soulmate would draw again so he can have fun imagining animals from the scribbles. A yawn breaks out from his lips and he snuggles deeper in bed. Tomorrow, for sure, Jongin will play again. Delayed gratification just like his mother said. Jongin, he thinks right as he falls asleep with a smile on his lips.

Your words are here lotusk! Good luck!
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