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[TEAM ONE] Team Bonding Trip X

i love the friendship between girls, it's so pure

also let's all love yeonjung, she needs it ♥ i love her

“Know your weaknesses,” the 101 trainers, and the Starship trainers, had been very fond of saying. “It’s more important than knowing your strengths.”

Yeonjung knows her strengths. She knows her vocal range is superb, having been used for demonstrations from all kinds of vocal trainers for years; 101 wasn’t the first time she’d been called a “teacher’s pet”. She knows that she can hit any note she puts her mind to without having to strain. She knows that she can hold each note for almost a minute before it begins to waver.

Her dancing isn’t so bad; although she doesn’t have Yoojung and Chungha’s energy and fluidity, she can follow dance routines well, and remembers the dance moves easily. She’s good at other people’s choreography; especially cute or pretty choreography.

She knows that she has a pretty eye-smile; when she crinkles her eyes just right, the older unnies like to give her things. She knows when she smiles, people like her more.

But her weaknesses…

She can’t rap. She’s too friendly. She’s too spontaneous. She can’t freestyle. She’s too greedy. She’s too jealous. She can’t control her face. She’s not pretty enough.

She’s nothing like Yoojungie; cute as a button and appealing, attractive, lovable, enticing.

Sejeong has the personality and the voice and the instant likeability.

Somi is everyone’s favourite—vibrant, fun, brilliant.

Mina, her best friend Mina, is already an incredibly gifted dancer, at only seventeen years of age.

All of the girls are pretty, cute, talented, endearing—even Sohye, bless her, is a fan favourite because of how sweet she is, and how hard she tried.

Yeonjung was 11th place. She was almost 12th. She barely had a chance, and the public already hate her.

She looks up at the stars. Stars have always comforted her, since she was small. There’s something beautiful about the universe; how, even though stars die and new ones are born, it always looks the same. The sky is always there for her. The stars are always there.

She takes a deep breath, before checking behind her, to make sure that she’s far away enough from the campsite that she won’t wake them. It had been hard to crawl out of the tent without waking Mina up, but she had managed it by padding, light-footed, over the clothes she’d worn yesterday, trying to make as little sound as possible.

Tomorrow they’re going back home. They’re going back to being in the public’s eye. And she’s young; she can’t pretend like their vicious, cruel words don’t hurt her. All she’s ever wanted was to sing, perform, and be loved. It’s what they all want.

The public loves the rest of them. But not her. She doesn’t know who voted her in, but maybe it was a cruel joke, because sometimes she feels like they don’t want her. The group need her vocals, she’s confident of that much, but that’s it.

When she’s upset, the stars and singing have always calmed her. So she heads further into the woods around the campsite, making sure she can find her way back, and then she just sings her heart out.

She starts with Crush, Pick Me, and In the Same Place, and then heads onto I Swear, and Me Gustas Tu. Girl group songs always help.

When she’s no longer shaking, the stars and the familiar lyrics (and hand movements) doing their job, she heads back to her tent.

Mina’s awake when she gets back. “Are you okay?” she asks.

“Better,” Yeonjung says, honestly.

Mina leans over and grabs Yeonjung’s sleeping bag, dragging it closer to her, so there’s no space between them. “Sleep here tonight,” she says, and Yeonjung doesn’t argue. Even though Mina’s the younger of the two of them (by four months), she’s always acted like the older one. And Yeonjung needs that right now.

They fall asleep centimetres apart, hands entwined, and Yeonjung wakes up knowing she will fight the world as long as Mina is by her side.

caterplina, i pick you :)
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