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[team two] twas the night before Christmas

I'm sorry if this is late! England pretty much grinds to a halt for Christmas and with all the family visiting that goes on this time of year I've had barely any time to write. I didn't want to skip my first turn since rejoining Shiritori though so have a rushed and tiny Christmas drabble!

How many more hours were still left before sunrise? Three? Two?

Yamada rubs at his eyes and tosses his keys onto the counter before glancing towards the bedroom door. He wants to sleep. Chinen will be in there already, curled up cosy and warm. Yamada should have been in there with him hours ago but super idols don't get early nights, not even on Christmas Eve.

Filming had run over and then there was a meeting, then there'd been an obligatory meal with the director and staff after that and Yamada had had to excuse himself to run to the bathroom to call Chinen to say he'd be late - at least he'd had the foresight to call into the jewelry store before filming had started to pick up Chinen's gift.

After the meal the crew wanted to go for drinks. Yamada didn't, he wanted to get home to Chinen but he could hardly refuse so he'd had to call Chinen again and apologize for not being able to spend Christmas Eve together. Chinen had been disappointed of course, because they have work on Christmas day and Christmas Eve was supposed to be their time to spend together over Christmas, just the two of them.

"We'll get up extra early to open presents" Yamada had promised.

"As soon as it's daytime?" Chinen had asked hopefully.

Yamada checks his watch again. Half four. Maybe enough time to get Chinen's present wrapped and then take a quick nap before sunrise. He gathers the wrapping paper and tape and takes out the small ring box, placing them all in the floor by the tree and then he sits down resting against the arm of the sofa just for a moment. He tries to fight it as his eyes start to close.

You're up next leader faded_lace! It's good to be back on your team!
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