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[Team Three] Punishment Game

I, uh, wrote fluff instead of angst for my Christmas tree ship for once.

"My fault for kissing you," Hikaru says with a smirk. "Didn't know I'd be opening a can of worms." He pretends to wince as Takaki punches his shoulder.

"Shut up. You like it," Takaki teases him back. He leans closer to give Hikaru a chaste kiss on the cheek. "Wanna play another round?"

The playing cards are scattered on the table exactly where they left them when Hikaru had won the last game and decided to celebrate by kissing Takaki. Hikaru gathers all the cards to start shuffling again and Takaki sits back in his chair, brushing away a few strands of hair that had fallen out of place.

"Are we going to add a punishment for this round when someone loses?" Takaki asks after he looks at his new hand of cards.

He's trying to bluff but Hikaru can always see right through him. Takaki tries too hard to put on a stoic face. When he has bad cards, he's much more relaxed and casual, laughing occasionally. Hikaru looks at Takaki's furrowed eyebrows and answers with "sure we can." Hikaru is confident. Takaki was dealt a good hand apparently, but Hikaru knows all the ins and outs of this game.

The room is completely quiet as they concentrate on the cards, both of them trying to guess the other's next move. Hikaru examines his cards one more time and tries to think of a good "punishment" to give Takaki for losing. He puts his last card down on the table and waits for Takaki to realize he lost. But then, Takaki grins and reveals his own last card.

"Son of a bitch," Hikaru curses. Somehow, he'd misjudged Takaki's bluff and lost the game. Hikaru sighs and leans back in his chair to glare at the ceiling.

"I win!" Takaki throws both fists in the air to celebrate. "Time for the punishment game."

Hikaru thinks Takaki looks entirely too enthusiastic as he rushes forward, arms outstretched and fingers spread wide like some sort of zombie on speed. Before Hikaru can react, Takaki is tickling him. Automatically, Hikaru flails his arms and legs to defend himself, but Takaki has already learned how to dodge them, already knows exactly where to put his fingers to make Hikaru laugh. In a few moments of chaos, Hikaru falls to the floor and Takaki follows and they're both laughing so much. But the tickling punishment doesn't last much longer because Takaki can't resist stopping to kiss him. And for that, Hikaru decides he can forgive Takaki for the torture. At least this time.

"You're the worst," Hikaru pretends to be annoyed. Takaki is lying on the carpet next to him. This is not how he envisioned the night would go when he first suggested playing cards, but he's got no regrets.

With a groan, Hikaru picks himself back up off the floor and starts to shuffle the cards again.

"Another round?" Takaki asks. He looks like he's made himself comfortable on the carpet.

"Of course," Hikaru grins. "It's time to get my revenge."

You're up talisa_ahn
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