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[Team Seven] Magic!AU the Second

I wanted to write their actual date too but surprise I ran out of time because since finishing finals I've just been watching tv.

He knocks on the door, heart beating much too quickly for the image he’s trying to give off. The light wash jeans and large navy sweater just scream chill, and cozy too. Minghao can’t criticize him for this outfit, and they’re going to have a very chill, very laidback, very lowkey evening. Everything will be fine, Jeonghan tells himself as he fiddles with the stem of the white rose in his hand. He’s just going to be chill and relaxed and make Minghao fall hopelessly in love with him. Piece of cake.

Thankfully, the door swings open at that moment, cutting off his mental rambling. On the other side stands Minghao, hair swept up and a smudge of bronze eyeshadow glittering in the light. Jeonghan’s plan to slip in a charming smirk goes straight out the window and his eyes widen, taking in extraordinarily well-fitting dark jeans and a dress shirt with the sleeves rolled to the elbows to reveal sturdy forearms.

Minghao’s eyebrows furrow. “I think I might be overdressed,” he says, and Jeonghan just looks at him for a long moment before pulling out his phone and checking his past texts.

“I definitely said that we’d be going something casual,” Jeonghan says with relief, looking back up at Minghao almost triumphantly.

“Well in my defense, I’ve never even seen you holding clothes that don’t look like they belong on a runway or a celebrity so it was a little hard to believe you’d actually follow through,” Minghao grumbles. “Give me like five minutes okay I’ll be right back.”

He doesn’t even give Jeonghan time to reply before bolting back into his apartment, and Jeonghan quickly catches the door before it can slam in his face.

He’s sitting at the kitchen table admiring his rose when Minghao comes back out wearing jeans and a hoodie.

“You kept her,” Jeonghan says, turning around and pretending to wipe a tear from his eye. He ignores the groan Minghao lets out in favor of flashing him a smile he knows can melt hearts. He nods approvingly at Minghao’s new clothes, too, noting with satisfaction that the eye makeup hasn’t been removed and his hair is still styled up.

Minghao rolls his eyes, but his breath comes a little more quickly than usual from running around and getting ready a second time. Jeonghan grins and reaches over to grab Minghao’s wrist. When he gets a look, he pouts and pulls Minghao out the door.

“Don’t give me that attitude. You’re about to have the best date of your life,” he says reproachfully.

Minghao looks skeptical, but he lets himself be manhandled easily enough that Jeonghan casually lets his fingers settle around Minghao’s wrist again. To his delight, he isn’t pushed away this time, and when Minghao glances at him, he beams. It’s been too long since he took a boy this cute on a date, he thinks.

next up is beltenebra :)
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