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[Team 2] Mezamashi

Hello again, Team 2! Looking forward to another round~

This is just a drabble about Inoo having to get up at a ridiculous hour to be on TV every Thursday, poor guy ;__; Maybe along with this I can make a series about all the Jump members waking up in the morning, lol.

“Time to get up…” Inoo mumbled sleepily as he reached out one hand to silence his alarm, his words muffled by Hikaru’s shirt. Hikaru wasn’t really awake, but Inoo felt his arms tighten around him, making it even harder to drag himself out of bed than it would otherwise have been at 2:30 a.m. “Stop being so warm and comfortable,” Inoo grumbled, squirming a little to try to get Hikaru to loosen his grip. But as difficult as it was to leave his bed with Hikaru so early in the morning, the knowledge that they’d be together again that night always helped Inoo get through the long day, and when he was ready to go and Hikaru sat up to kiss him goodbye and promise to watch him on Mezamashi TV, it put a smile on Inoo’s face despite how many more hours were still left before sunrise.

Passing the baton to thesecretdoor!
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