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[Team Three] After The Show

The show is over and Hokuto has barely stepped backstage when Shintaro’s big hand closes around his wrist. Hokuto finds himself dragged along, deeper into the bowels of the theater, where the sounds from everyone packing up are weirdly muffled and sound much farther away than they can possibly be.

Rounding another corner, Shintaro suddenly shoves him against the wall, pressing in close. Hokuto’s surprised eek is quickly muffled by Shintaro’s lips, moving insistently against his. Giving in easily, Hokuto melts into the kiss, allowing Shintaro’s tongue in to tease at his own. He would cling to Shintaro’s shoulders if he could, but his wrists are pinned against the wall and it doesn’t look like Shintaro plans on relinquishing his hold any time soon.

Hokuto is panting by the time Shintaro moves on to kissing down his jaw and along his neck. His wrists are finally released, but only long enough for Shintaro to open the first three buttons of his shirt and push it down his shoulder. Staying silent while Shintaro kisses his shoulder isn’t an option, no matter how hard Hokuto tries. Breathy moans, embarrassingly desperate, escape him at every touch of Shintaro’s lips or teeth.

“Please,” Hokuto finally begs. He can feel Shintaro’s grin against his skin, but that’s all the reaction he gets. There will probably be marks on Hokuto’s shoulder from Shintaro sucking on his skin and he’ll surely get yelled at tomorrow, but Hokuto can’t make himself care about that at all when it feels so good.

“There you are.”

At the sound of Juri’s voice, Shintaro draws back, though he keeps his hold on Hokuto’s wrists. “Took you long enough,” Shintaro replies, and before Hokuto can quite make sense of things, he’s getting whirled around to face Juri. Shintaro pulls Hokuto’s arms behind his back, keeping him helpless as Juri steps up to claim a kiss.

Juri’s kiss is quite different from Shintaro’s, but no less distracting. Hokuto loses himself in it easily, letting Juri do what he wants until his legs are shaky enough that he’s glad about Shintaro’s supporting strength against his back. After a minute that seems much longer to Hokuto, Hokuto finally gets a chance to catch his breath while Juri and Shintaro kiss over his shoulder, the wet sound of their tongues so close to his ear quite appealing.

Juri’s hands wander over his body, teasing touches above his clothes that make Hokuto whine low in his throat. While Shintaro kisses Hokuto’s shoulder, Juri nibbles on his throat and down his chest, until Hokuto is shaking with want. Just when Hokuto is certain he’ll go crazy if he doesn’t get some relief, Juri drops a hand down to knead Hokuto’s dick through his costume pants.

“Do you want my hand or my mouth?” Juri asks, but all Hokuto can do is moan. How can he decide when both options are so good?

“You should suck him,” Shintaro answers instead.

That’s apparently all the invitation Juri needs, because a moment later he sinks gracefully to his knees and grins up at Hokuto and Shintaro. Hokuto really wants to sink his fingers into Juri’s hair, to hold on and yank it a little, the way he knows Juri likes it, but Shintaro still has an iron grip on Hokuto’s arms, holding him captive.

Juri opens Hokuto’s pants without much more teasing, then kisses the tip of Hokuto’s dick as soon as it is free of the constraints. It’s a good thing they’re far enough away from people that Hokuto doesn’t have to stay silent, because he doesn’t think he could stay quiet even if his life depended on it. Juri on his knees is incredibly appealing, pretty face, talented mouth and clever fingers all conspiring to drive Hokuto mad with pleasure. Shintaro pressing strong and warm against Hokuto’s back has a certain appeal as well.

“Juri,” Hokuto moans, hips snapping forwards on their own. Juri just hums around his dick, taking Hokuto’s thrusts easily.

“Looks so good,” Shintaro murmurs right next to Hokuto’s ear. Hokuto can only agree - Juri does look gorgeous, on his knees, with his lips stretched around Hokuto’s dick, sucking enthusiastically. There’s just a hint of pink on his cheeks too, making his pretty face look even prettier.

Juri lets Hokuto’s dick slip out of his mouth to tease at the tip with his tongue, looking up at Hokuto and Shintaro the whole time. It’s all Hokuto can do to hold back and not come right there and then, all over Juri’s pretty face. It’s not like Juri would mind, but they don’t have anything to clean up with.

Juri clearly knows how hot he looks, but that only turns Hokuto on more. Shintaro’s voice in his ear isn’t exactly helping Hokuto to hold out either. Shintaro’s breath keeps puffing against Hokuto’s ear as he talks about how hot Juri looks, how pretty Hokuto’s dick is, how good they look together and how much Shintaro wants to pin Hokuto down on his bed and fuck him silly.

“You’re coming home with us,” Shintaro declares and Hokuto’s tongue agrees without even consulting his brain.

Juri is definitely on board with that plan too, if the way he sucks Hokuto’s dick deep into his mouth is any indication. That’s the limit for Hokuto and he comes hard, his vision blacking out for a moment. Luckily Shintaro holds him upright, keeping him from falling to the ground and possibly smashing his head open.

By the time Hokuto manages to peel his eyes back open, Juri has already tucked Hokuto’s dick back into his pants and is rising to his feet. Grinning, Juri leans in for a kiss. Hokuto opens his mouth and isn’t at all surprised when Juri pushes Hokuto’s own come into his mouth. He’s not surprised either when Shintaro whirls him around and kisses him, tongue sneaking into his mouth for a taste. Hokuto and Shintaro each swallow half of Hokuto’s come while Juri watches.

“Damn, that’s hot,” Juri comments. Hokuto would agree if he could, but Shintaro’s tongue is exploring his mouth again, keeping him breathless.

Next up is mousapelli
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