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[Team Seven] I won't tell if you won't either

Next instalment in the Snow Man High&Low thing. XD;
Because I am uncreative af.

Maybe they already matched too well.

Scratch the maybe. It was too late now. It was too late to go back. Something had happened between them and was still happening and there was no way to stop it.

The port area was largely neutral territory, or had been, before the Mighty Warriors had come into the picture. Doubt also did their dealings there sometimes but they had been quiet for a while, probably thanks to Miyadate and Watanabe leaving them and joining groups severely opposed to them. It had decreased their fighting power and exposed their tactics.

People largely ignored most of the port area, so it was a good place to meet and be unseen.

One night, Sakuma taught Iwamoto how to fly there. The other was a fast learner and it didn’t take long for them to climb, run and jump the abandoned or filled containers.

There weren’t as many obstacles or places to hold onto as on the Nameless Road but it was alright. It was a different kind of feeling. Sakuma felt freer than on the Nameless Road here, free to spread his wings as wide as he wanted to.

Sakuma stumbled back into the Nameless Road in the early hours of morning. Kissing Iwamoto goodbye was taking longer and longer each time. And today the other had gotten a little bitey. The spot on the side of his neck still throbbed a little bit. It was going to be quite a bruise, he was sure of it. Good thing his clothes would hide it.

Climbing up to his usual sleeping space, he found Shimekake there.

“You’re up early.” He blinked and then narrowed his eyes. “Or you didn’t sleep.”

“Neither did you. You’ve been wandering off, haven’t you?”

Ah, he’d been discovered, huh? And he’d been so careful, too. But he knew the reason why it had been Shimekake noticing. So Sakuma wasn’t worried about this confrontation.

“Do we have to look for other escape routes?” Sakuma hopped into his hammock. “I’m sorry if I closed off one of yours by accident or something.” He looked at his fellow member of Rude Boys. “You’ve not been spending a lot of time around here either, right? On the nights when you were free to do whatever. Like today.”

Shimekake averted his eyes. Bingo.

“You’re meeting Myuto, aren’t you?” Sakuma might be stupid sometimes but he wasn’t blind.

Shimekake’s eyes widened in alarm. “Don’t-”

“I’m not telling anyone. If you’re not telling anyone.” Sakuma offered. Then he smiled at the other warmly. “That’s what friends do, right?”

The tension left Shimekake’s shoulders. “Ah, I guess.” A small smile tugged on his lips as well.

“It’s not your fault after all. What happened.” Sakuma offered.

“Maybe.” Shimekake looked down. “Maybe it wasn’t.”

Sakuma looked up at the sky. “Maybe it’s true what people say. Only idiots fall in love.”

“Hey, don’t lump me in with yourself!” Shimekake protested but he was laughing.

“Got you to laugh. I consider that a success.” Sakuma grinned. “A gloomy face doesn’t suit you.”

The other fell silent for a moment then and Sakuma closed his eyes, ready to drift off for a bit or even get some proper rest.

“Thanks, Sakuma. I appreciate it.”

“You’re welcome. Any time.”

Your turn prillalar :D
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