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miss zero

[team two] it's in his kiss

Late. Have some (imaginary) behind the scenes for Elisabeth. :3


The instruction is casually given in an even, almost gentle voice, but Taiga could practically hear the crack of a whip with the word, his nerves singing in response to the promise in that tone. He looks up to meet Shirota's gaze, steadily staring back at him with an intensity he could easily drown in, and once again, Taiga feels himself begin to give in.

Shirota's lips turn up imperceptibly, an affirmation without breaking character, taking a hold of Taiga's arm to prompt the younger man further.

It takes only half a beat, and then Taiga reaches up, one hand cupping Shirota's face, the other reaching farther up and into the long silver strands as he stands on tiptoe. The closer he gets to Shirota, the more apparent his trembling becomes, but the expression he sees in the other man remains unfailingly affirming, and Taiga closes his eyes as their lips meet for the nth time.

Tag, you're it. yomimashou (edit: would you like me to send you an lj message when it's your turn? or do you have twitter?)
Tags: *team two, fandom: general juniors, fandom: japanese actors/celebrities, fandom: sixtones, love ranger: dusk037
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