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[team three] drabble

I will someday not write a drabble.  Someday, I will not write a drabble. *repeats to self*
Went to see the Kansai Jr. Kuripa show last week.  Matori had 4 silver streaks in his hair (1 on his right and 3 on his left) that he didn't have at the show I saw the prior weekend.  Jo seemed particularly excited to point them out to the audience during the opening song so I feel like he had something to do with it.  Disclaimer: I don't know if it's permanent or clip-in extensions or chalk.

Also, the finger-tutting thing at the beginning, if you don't know what it is, I posted a vid to my twitter here. (lemme know if that link doesn't work)

“Magic! Do it again! Do it again!” a young child cries gleefully having caught Matori practicing his little finger dance. With a grin, he tries out another pattern he’s been toying with while the little girl stares in awe before looking up at her mother as if asking if she saw it too.

Next to him, Jo chuckles and makes a failed attempt to imitate Matori’s finger-tutting making her cry out in laughter again.

They’re still smiling as they get off the train in Namba. There’s still a lot of time before they have to head over to Shochikuza so they start walking towards Amemura. Just as they pass over the bridge, Jo points over at Don Quixote.

“Can we stop there for a second? I’m almost out of wax.”

Matori follows Jo up the escalator to the floor with all the hair products and browses as he goes.

“Hey! There’s hair chalk!” Matori exclaims excitedly.

Jo eyes the less natural colors warily. “You’re not gonna do anything crazy are you?”

“I just won’t dye my whole head pink like Seiya,” Matori shrugs. His eyes land on the box of silver hair chalk. “Ah ha!”

Looking over, Jo chuckles. “You would. Come on. If we hurry, we can still go to Amemura for a bit. Do you even know what you’re gonna do with that?”

Matori fiddles with the box in his hands. “Don’t worry. Nothing crazy…for now anyway. I’ll wait until the show is over.”

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