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[TEAM ONE] Team Bonding Trip IX

Hullo my lovely Team Oners! Sorry I'm just a super slow goose. I'm not on the ball this week, but hopefully I will be more so in future.

Those of you who have Twitter should have me on there. I am very happy to be poked and prodded, and to poke and prod others as necessary. Feel free to if you need to! :)

Our new lineup is as follows:


I hope you will all have fun! :D

“Right, let’s get started,” Nayoung says, clapping her hands together.

Sohye smiles, and moves into place. She’d insisted on some kind of dance practice during this trip, because she’s so far behind the rest of them. Somi is always doing this kind of bumpy dance, flailing her limbs about, and Doyeonnie is so fluid with her movements, and Yoojungie just knows every boy group dance in existence.

Sohye? Sohye is a penguin. Her limbs don’t allow her to move the way the other girls’ do. She’s slow and uncoordinated and she wants to do this so much, she wants to not be so much worse than the rest of the girls that it’s obvious. She wants to not let them down, after they were all so kind to her during 101. Even if they just practise Pick Me for eternity, she feels like it’d be useful. It’d be better than nothing. It’d be better than letting her limbs grow lax and stiff and have to rely on muscle memory.

Nayoung and Chungha had designed a kind of fun dance practice for them all: they’re all in their swimming costumes, in the water.

“It’ll be both a good workout, and also nice on our joints,” Chungha explains. “Plus, it’ll be fun, too.”

It is, as well. They can’t perform Pick Me submerged to their chests, but there are other dances; Crush, Into the New World, In the Same Place, Me Gustas Tu. Even if Sohye doesn’t know the dance moves, and she flounders at times, the other girls are patient with her. Kyulkyung stands behind her, helping her move her limbs, pressing out against the water.

Sohye doesn’t feel like she’s too slow, or that she’s letting them down with her inability to get the moves. Instead, she feels loved and cared for; the other girls are so tolerant of her lack of speed and inability to get it quickly, and let her take as long as she needs. She knows that once they’re back from their retreat, surrounded by teachers and managers and practices and events for 20 hours a day, she’ll have to pick up the pace. But for now, this is what she needs.

When they climb out of the water, she launches into Pick Me, just to prove that she can, and they all applaud her.

“You did so well!” Chungha praises her, and Sohye grins up at her.

“Thank you!”

Even though it’s a little cooler out of the water, her chest and her heart is warm.

:) caterplina~
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