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[Team Sonic] Sugar and cream

Starting Team Sonic!

Snowmen as killers AU XDD For once, the weird AU is actually 100% mousapelli 's fault.

Abe’s cheeks turned pink when the target winked at him and Abe cursed silently. No matter how often he did this, his stupid face always heated up as if it was his first time. From the corner of his eye, he could see Fukazawa’s amused face - Fukazawa was here as his backup, keeping an eye out for police or any other distractions of that kind.

Playing his part, Abe glanced at the target through his lashes, making sure to be obvious about it. The briefing had been quite thorough - the target liked to pick up sweet, shy boys on their first tentative forays into the gay scene, and he’d have them hooked on drugs and working the streets for him within weeks. Keeping the distaste off his face, Abe bit his lip and fidgeted with his shirt sleeve to make it look as if he was gathering his courage.

While the guy checked out his ass, Abe went to the counter and ordered two coffees. He added creamer to his own coffee, then picked up two packs of sugar. He ripped the first sugar open and poured it into the second coffee, then switched the little pack of poison up his sleeve out for the second pack of sugar.

Taking the coffee over to the target’s table, he glanced at the guy’s face quickly, then stared at his shoes, not having to try particularly hard to fake embarrassment. “Hi,” Abe muttered, offering the coffee.

“Aren’t you a cute one,” the target replied, fingers brushing against Abe’s as he accepted the coffee.

“I… uh…” Abe muttered, playing up his awkwardness while he waited for the target to take the first sip - it was a strong poison, though slow acting. One sip was all it would take and in eight to twelve hours the pimp would have a quiet little heart attack, leaving the streets just a bit safer.

“What’s your name?” the target asked, sipping the poisoned coffee.

“S-shota,” Abe stammered, giving out the fake name easily. “I… I need to go,” he muttered, pretending to be overtaken by embarrassment.

He didn’t run, though as red as he was he knew he could have gotten away with that too - embarrassed young men rushing away was quite a normal sight here. Fukazawa would stay a while longer to keep an eye on things while Abe rode the trains for a while to make sure he wasn’t being followed before he returned to the base to report the success of his mission.
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