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[Team Seven] And we meet again

Mousi-senpai gave me the task of starting Team Seven, so here we go.

Was thinking about writing something for Touken Ranbu (Hanamaru) first but then I re-read my last shiritori submission and this happened. And since people seemed to enjoy it, I rolled with it.

This is a continuation of the last shiritori fic I wrote.

Sakuma leapt down from the flight of stairs instead of walking them - it was faster that way - and landed in a perfect crouch on the ground. He looked around, eyes trying to make something - or someone - out in the shadows. The feeling of being watched hadn’t left him for a while now. It wasn’t anyone from the Rude Boys meeting just now, though. Most of the others had gone and retired for the night and he had split up with Shimekake and Miyachika almost half an hour ago.

“Here to play hide and seek or here for something else?” He asked as he straightened up. “I can see you, Iwamoto Hikaru.”

The taller male stepped out from behind a pile of old wood crates. “You have good eyes.”

“Maybe you just suck at hiding?” Sakuma put his hands into his pockets. “You’re here again. Came to pick another fight? Just so you know, I’m not in the mood for that tonight.”

“Not in the mood for that, huh? Well, how about we do something different then.” Iwamoto raised an eyebrow. Then he offered, “You like music and dancing?”

“Depends.” There wasn’t much of that on the Nameless Street. Their lives were hard, people were rarely in the mood for dancing but sometimes there’d be music and some lighthearted movements that might qualify as dancing. Sometimes there’d be good days like that. Sakuma liked those. He liked it when people were happy.

“Come then. Let’s go.” Iwamoto grabbed his wrist and tugged him along.

Sakuma blinked and then stumbled after the other, “What the- Hey!”

They ended up somewhere in the harbor area, a place Sakuma wasn’t very familiar with. It made him feel a little uncomfortable. As did the big club that Iwamoto took him to. He could hear the hammering bass from inside and he could smell alcohol and cigarettes.

“What makes you think I’ll go in with you? This is your territory.”

“Nobody will lay a finger on you if you’re with me. Come on.”

He didn’t know why he followed the other. A part of him told him that Iwamoto was being honest and didn’t want to do anything bad with him. That tonight S.W.O.R.D. and Mighty Warriors didn’t matter. He had no proof of course. Only his gut feeling. Which might or might not be correct. Maybe the others were right. Maybe he was extremely stupid sometimes.

Once inside, Iwamoto took off his jacket and Sakuma did the same. It was hot. Probably the bodyheat of dozens of people moving on the dancefloor.

Iwamoto pulled him into that throng of people and then started moving. Sakuma stared for a few moments, mesmerized by the way the other’s body and how it moved to the music. It looked so natural. So right, for Iwamoto, to move like that.

He shook those thoughts off and cleared his mind - not a hard task - and let himself get lost in the music as well. It felt good to move freely, to not have to think for a while. It was almost like when he was flying high above the roofs of the Nameless Road. A feeling of bliss, of pure enjoyment. Maybe of happiness even.

Sakuma was jerked back into the here and now when he felt someone press against him and move with him. He looked up and met Iwamoto’s kohl lined eyes.

Despite their height difference, their bodies fit together well. They swayed and moved with a rhythm that was their own, just the two of them. When Sakuma moved, Iwamoto followed and when Iwamoto moved, Sakuma followed him automatically, without thinking or willing himself to.

Just like in one of the old fairy tales that some of the young kids in the Nameless Street liked, the night had to end eventually and before the ‘dangerous hours’ rolled around, Sakuma made his way back to the Nameless Road. Hopefully for him, nobody would have noticed his disappearance but he was known to flit back and forth sometimes, across the roofs and towards who knows where.

He went to one of the Rude Boys posts and hopped into one of the makeshift hammocks they had there. But he didn’t sleep yet.

Suddenly his mind was full of thoughts. It was as if it had to make up for that devoid of thoughts and lost in sensations only period earlier again.

Sakuma noted how much he had learned about Iwamoto tonight. Somehow he had gotten to know the other better without even talking to him. They had spoken to each other in a different language. One that didn’t need words.

He shivered and pulled his coat tighter around himself.

No, no, no. He shouldn’t think about the other any more. If he did, things would get dangerous.

Of course danger had never stopped him from doing something.

And apparently Iwamoto was the same because the night after, the other came to seek him out at the outskirts of the Rude Boys territory again.

Before he knew it, Sakuma had found himself in a heated kiss with the other. He had no recollection of how it had happened, who had started it. But the fact was that it was happening right then. And he was enjoying every moment of it.

“Fuck, we’re going to be in so much shit if someone finds out!”

Iwamoto pushed Sakuma against the nearest wall. “Then we’ll just have to see to it that nobody ever finds out.”

And it's your turn prillalar :D
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