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[Team Three] Midnight Crazy

He lets himself out quietly, inching the door shut behind himself until he hears the slight click of the lock. It’s 2AM and the city is as quiet as it ever gets, quiet enough that Reia can hear the sound of his own breathing as he waits for Amu to come pick him up. His ears slowly turn pink from the cold as he waits so he cuddles into his fluffy coat and claps his hands to keep warm.

The roar of a car engine breaks the silence, and of course it is Amu, driving faster than he should to make up for being almost five minutes late. Reia raises an eyebrow when Amu screeches to a halt in front of him - that is definitely not Amu’s usual car, which is a bit older but practical and comfortable. This one is sort of flashy and if Reia’s honest he finds it sort of ridiculous, but it’s cute how Amu is clearly trying to impress him so he just gets in and tries hard not to laugh.

Reia’s greeting ends up half giggle because Amu is wearing a giant pair of sunglasses, on the top of his head instead of on his nose because of the late hour. His fingers are stupid with cold, making him fumble with the seatbelt, but after a couple tries the seatbelt finally goes where it should.

Amu reaches over, the tips of index finger and middle finger pinching the tip of Reia’s nose, making him squeak and giggle. “Icy! You’re cold,” Amu concludes and turns the heat up a couple of degrees. “Better heat you up before you turn into the abominable snowman.”

“It’s cold out,” is Reia’s reply. He considers showing Amu just how cold it is by placing his freezing fingers on the exposed skin of Amu’s neck, but gives that up as a bad idea - he’d rather survive this little midnight excursion and Amu’s driving is a little distracted even at the best of times. “Where are we going?”

“Surprise~” Amu hums, playing around with the radio buttons. He’s seemingly ignoring Reia, but Reia knows better. “Ask me what delightful plans I have in store,” Amu prompts when Reia stays silent.

“You have a wolf costume in the back and you plan to chase me through a forest,” Reia guesses, realizing a moment too late that giving Amu ideas is perhaps not the smartest move.

“Ohh, next time,” Amu laughs.

To pass the time, they talk about work and music and the new coat Reia bought last week. By the time Reia’s fingers stop feeling like little lumps of ice, they are already leaving the lights of the city behind. All Reia can see outside are empty fields, the somewhat monotonous sight broken up by the occasional farmhouse. Amu turns into a dirt path, making distinct vroom vroom sounds with his mouth as he rounds the corner. Reia knows he shouldn’t laugh at Amu’s antics as it only encourages him, but it’s impossible to stop the giggles. When the car finally stops, Amu looks at him expectantly.

“It’s… a field?”

Amu shakes his head. “We’re going to have a beach picnic.”

“It’s a field,” Reia repeats, but opens the door anyway - he’s already here, might as well take a look at whatever place Amu has brought him too.

“No, no, no,” Amu interrupts his thoughts. “You can’t open the door!”

“Eh?” Reia blinks, but Amu has already jumped out of the car and run around it.

Opening Reia’s car door for him, Amu grins. “After you.”

“Amuuu,” Reia laughs, getting out. It’s even colder now, and dark. There’s a small pond in the middle of the field, which Reia cautiously explores while Amu gets some stuff from the car.

Amu places a big blanket on the ground before pulling some food from a basket. “Sit down,” he invites Reia. “What do you say to a beach picnic?”

“It’s a field,” Reia repeats for the third time. “There’s no ocean or beach and if you think I’m going to sit on the frozen ground, you need to have your head examined.”

“There’s sand, it totally counts! And it’s not that cold,” Amu argues, pointing at a small heap of sand beside the pond, but his chattering teeth belie his words.

“Uh huh.” Instead of arguing, Reia simply sits down in Amu’s lap - that’s still much colder than he’d have liked, but by far the warmest option available. The only light comes from the car’s headlights, but Reia’s almost sure he can detect a faint blush on Amu’s cheeks.

Reia’s hands are almost frozen by this point, so he pushes his hands up under Amu’s sweater and warms his cold hands against Amu’s stomach. Amu yelps at the first icy touch, but doesn’t otherwise object.

“Try some strawberry ice cream,” Amu suggests, arms curling around Reia.

Cuddling into Amu’s warmth, Reia laughs. “Not even you would bring ice cream to a midnight picnic in winter.”

Shivering, Amu relents. “I think my balls are frozen to the ground. Let’s go back,” he murmurs, breath puffing warmly against Reia’s ear.

Amu doesn’t argue when Reia tells him to sit in the passenger seat. Reia quickly climbs into Amu’s lap, then closes the door, shutting the cold out. Right away, Amu’s hands are on him, one in his hair, the other trailing down the back of his coat to his ass. Leaning in, Reia finds Amu’s lips as cold his own, but the noise Amu makes is hot enough. Pulling Amu’s shirt over his head is easy enough. Taking Reia’s pants off requires a lot of wriggling and Amu isn’t exactly helping, hands wandering and getting in the way.

Reia drops his pants on the driver’s seat, as well as his coat. As cold as it is, he’s not about to take his shirt off, even if the inside of the car is quickly warming up. He digs the tube of lube out of his coat pocket and presses it into Amu’s hand, then goes back to nuzzling Amu’s neck and warming his hands on Amu’s body. Amu coats his fingers with lube, then actually has the sense to wait until the lube warms up before touching Reia again. Reia rewards that flash of common sense with a kiss, tongue swirling sweetly against Amu’s.

Despite the cold and the cramped conditions of the car, Reia is relaxed enough that the first two fingers go in easily. Moaning sweetly against Amu’s lips, Reia clings tightly to Amu’s shoulders. It’s been a while since he got fucked and it already feels so good, even though Amu is only curling two of his fingers gently inside Reia so far.

While Amu stretches him gently, Reia nibbles on Amu’s ear and down his jaw. Amu enjoys biting a lot, so Reia makes sure to use his teeth more than he otherwise would, leaving little red marks on Amu’s skin. Amu is panting too, chest rising and falling quickly, clearly just as impatient as Reia. Reaching down, Reia trails his fingers over the bulge in Amu’s pants, drawing quiet moans from Amu. Grinning, he finally opens Amu’s pants to pull Amu’s dick free - it’s hot and hard and Reia can’t wait to have it inside him.

Usually, when they have a comfortable bed and time enough, Reia enjoys drawn-out preparations. A few times, he has come just from getting fingered even, but here in the car he has no patience for careful stretching and Amu’s gentleness. Reia sinks his teeth into Amu’s earlobe, then blows on Amu’s ear. “I want you,” he whispers quietly, but the shiver that goes through Amu shows him that Amu definitely heard him.

“Yeah, okay, okay,” Amu agrees, his voice mostly steady.

Reia moans cutely when Amu pulls his fingers free. Impatient, Reia takes a hold of Amu’s dick to hold it steady, then sinks down onto it faster than he probably should. The heat and stretch of it is almost too much, but at the same time absolutely perfect and exactly what he wants. Amu’s fingers dig into his hips and Reia can feel Amu shaking under him - it’s clearly taking all of Amu’s self-control to hold still, to let Reia adjust, to not just snap his hips up and fuck Reia into next week.

It’s sweet how much Amu cares, so Reia kisses him again, slow and thorough. Amu is all panting and red-cheeked, his blush going halfway down his chest. Reia is sure his own cheeks must be pink as well, they certainly feel warm enough despite the freezing temperatures outside. When he squeezes tight around Amu’s dick, Amu groans and tells him to do that again, so Reia does. Clenching his inner muscles rhythmically, Reia rolls his hips, staying in place and yet driving Amu slowly crazy.

Teasing Amu is fun, but Reia is too turned on himself to keep it up for long. Amu’s thick, hard cock feels so good inside him, and the adoring way Amu looks at him only makes it better. Digging his knees into the seat, Reia raises his hips slowly. He sinks down just a bit faster, picking up speed as he goes, and pretty soon he’s riding Amu’s dick with abandon. The roof of the car is low enough that he has to be careful not to hit his head, especially when Amu’s hips buck up unexpectedly, but Reia clings to Amu’s shoulders, holding on tight and concentrates on the hot, hard flesh inside him.

Amu’s hands wander all over his body, down his thighs, up under his shirt, back down to his ass, making Reia feel as if his skin is on fire, trails of pleasure following in the wake of Amu’s warm, gentle hands. The occasional unpredictable thrusts of Amu’s hips feel so good, several times hitting his prostate straight on. Amu pulls Reia’s shirt aside to expose his shoulder. Even though Reia knows it’s coming, he can’t help but groan when Amu’s teeth sink into his skin. Biting didn’t used to be his thing at all, but Amu is quickly turning it into one of his favourite kinks. He never knows if Amu will bite hard enough to leave a mark or not either, and the unpredictability of it somehow makes it even hotter.

Panting, Reia rides Amu’s dick as fast as he can, even though his thigh muscles are already burning from the exercise. Amu’s cock sliding in and out of his ass feels so good, driving him higher and higher. Lust clouds his senses and when Amu wraps strong fingers around Reia’s dick, it only takes a minute longer for Reia to come, wailing helplessly as his come spurts over Amu’s fingers and his ass clenches tight. Amu follows him over the edge right away, thrusting up harshly a couple more times before shuddering himself out as well.

It’s several minutes of clinging, panting closeness before Reia catches his breath enough to move. Wincing, he rises up, letting Amu’s softening dick slip out of him. He grimaces at the thought of getting out of the car, into the cold, but there’s no way he can put his pants back on while sitting in Amu’s lap - taking them off like that was difficult enough. Amu seems to read his thoughts for once.

Amu picks his shirt up and puts it on the driver’s seat, then pushes Reia over to sit on it. Leaning his back against the driver’s door, Reia thinks there’s enough space to put his pants back on, but before he can do so, Amu grabs his ankles and spreads them wide apart. Blushing, Reia resists the urge to cover himself with his hands - he just rode Amu’s dick, if Amu wants to look at his dick and his stretched hole, he can do so. It’s embarrassing but sort of flattering how Amu stares as if he’s memorizing the sight of Reia’s stretched hole smeared with his come.

When Amu finally lets go off his ankles, Reia wriggles into his pants quickly. Amu visible braces himself, then opens the car door and steps outside to gather up the blanket and food. Reia puts his coat back on, then settles down in the passenger seat, waiting for Amu to return to the car. Amu is shivering by the time he drops the blanket in the back of the car, since he’s only wearing pants, having left both shirt and coat in the car. He hands the basket with picnic food over to Reia, then puts his come-stained shirt and coat back on.

On the long drive back, Reia looks through the basket of food. There is indeed ice cream, ridiculous for an outdoor picnic at this time of year, but there’s a thermos of hot tea too, and a couple of sandwiches. There are tiny meatballs, as well as various sweets and rice balls. There doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason to what kinds of food Amu brought, but Reia doesn’t really mind. He warms his hands on a cup of hot tea and watches the dark road rushing past outside while Amu talks about this and that, work, TV, whatever comes to his mind. It’s only when the car stops on top of a hill that Reia realizes that Amu wasn’t actually driving back towards the city.

The sky is already lightening on the distant horizon. “Come on, lets watch the sunrise,” Amu says, his grin infectious.

It’s still ridiculously cold, but pressed against Amu’s side, with the car solid behind him and the sunrise pink and gold before him, Reia has to admit that despite his freezing fingers this date was more of a success than he’d expected. Turning his head, he quickly kisses Amu’s cheek, then returns to watching the sun rise into the sky.
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