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[Team Three] See you again

Inspired by the drama HIGH&LOW.

Within a city there exist 5 districts, each is controlled by one of five different groups. It’s called S.W.O.R.D. - named after the groups, which are:

S - Sannoh Rengo (Hoodlum Squad)
W - White Rascals
O - Oyakoukou
R - Rude Boys
D - Daruma Ikka

Lately, a new group has been on the rise in the bay area and it’s making a name for itself: the Mighty Warriors ( ).

He'd love the food no matter how it tasted, Sakuma thought to himself and waved after the kid dressed in dirty rags when he ran off with the slightly charred bread and other scraps Sakuma had presented him with, things salvaged from a food run at the outskirts of the Nameless Road by some of his fellow members of Rude Boys. People around here couldn’t be choosers after all, they had to make do with the little they had. And they had very little.

Stretching, Sakuma closed his eyes and focused before he proceeded to jump and climb up the building in front of him. He didn’t like staying down on the street level. All the way at the top was where he felt the most comfortable. Most of the others in his group felt the same. One of the mottos of Rude Boys was to “fly higher than anyone else” after all. Sakuma loved flying, loved the feeling of being in the air, of being free and boundless, even if only for a few seconds.

Tonight’s duty was to patrol the outskirts of their territory. Lately there had been reports of strangers lurking around just beyond the ‘borders’. So far nobody seemed to have entered the Nameless Road but it seemed like it could only be a matter of time.

It was ominous. Sakuma didn’t like it. He wasn’t the smartest but his gut feeling told him that it was a sign that something bad would happen soon. He didn’t like bad things.

A shadow moved not too far away from him. The figure had definitely not been someone from around the area. Their clothes had been way too different, way too expensive for anyone from the Nameless Road. Even those who ventured outside sometimes for jobs. Sakuma pulled up his collar and hood down to partially obscure his face as he moved over, quietly and swiftly, before leaping over the rather tall figure to block their way.

“You are not from around here. Do you know the rules of the Nameless Road?”

The tall stranger turned around and Sakuma held the cold, eyeliner heavy stare. For a moment he thought that the other male was attractive but that thought was quickly pushed away, overridden by the caution and adrenaline. His mind and body were alert, ready to jump into action at any moment, should the other try something funny.

Not all the people he met on the outskirts of the Rude Boys territory were hostile. Sometimes he did meet some decent people, who’d just been curious or who’d come for business. The groups of S.W.O.R.D. did communicate with each other after all. None of the areas were warded off completely - in theory. The borders had gotten even thinner lately because a series of events had led to the fragile peace that existed in the city to move close to a breaking point. Sakuma had heard from two independent sources - namely Miyadate and Abe - that someone outside of S.W.O.R.D. was on the move, intent to take over the entire city and destroy S.W.O.R.D.

“If you want to try and make me vanish, I’d like to see you try. Come at me if you dare.” This one was out for trouble. Sakuma crouched down when the other challenged him.

“I’m not one for unnecessary violence or fighting.” It was a hooded warning. “If you’re not here for trouble, then I won’t make trouble for you either.”

“What if I am here for trouble?” The other challenged again.

“In that case I will be very troublesome for you as well.” Sakuma deadpanned.

When they moved, he got a better look at the other. Tall, slender build but strong, muscular. The other’s clothes were stylish, fashionable, clearly chosen with something in mind. It didn’t fit into any of the styles of the other S.W.O.R.D. groups, though.

Sakuma’s eyes caught a glimpse of an insignia.

His eyes narrowed. “Mighty Warriors,” the name of the group that had been rumored to have taken over the bay area fell from his lips before he could stop it from doing so.

“Heh, so you’ve heard of us.”

“And I didn’t really like what I heard.” Honest to a fault, maybe it was one of his bigger flaws because it got him into trouble quite a bit but Sakuma couldn’t change that about himself. It was just part of who he was.

The other finally dropped into a fighting stance as well. “At this point it is no longer about liking or disliking. It’s just about being stronger or weaker.”

Both of them remained like that for a few long moments before they started moving at the same time, as if an inaudible starting signal had been given.

Sakuma avoided the first swipe of the other’s foot by jumping up onto a wooden box behind him. He knew the area, he was at an advantage if he could lure his opponent further inside. But something told him that his opponent wouldn’t be tricked so easily.

Despite their large difference in height and probably also combat ability, both Sakuma and his opponent fought evenly, each of them trying to use their respective skills and advantages to try and defeat the other. On Sakuma’s part this involved a lot of moving around, especially up, while Iwamoto used more strength and stayed closer to the ground.

At one point both of them froze, chests heaving and fists aimed at each other’s faces, only a breath away from making contact. Sakuma’s hood had long slipped down and his collar had fallen from his face as well. His opponent’s eyeliner had smudged a little due to the sweat, his clothes gotten a little rumpled in the course of the fight.

Their eyes met and then they stepped away from each other.

“You’re better than I thought.”

Sakuma wiped some sweat off his face. “So are you. Actually living up to that group name of yours, huh? A mighty, mighty warrior.” A small cheeky grin tugged up the corners of his lips. The resulting twitch of eyebrows on the other’s face didn’t go by unnoticed.

“And you sure live up to yours.” Haha, touché - Sakuma suppressed a soft laugh and grin. The other asked him another question then, one that made him blink in surprise. “Do you have names around here? Or are you nameless, like the streets you live on.”

“Tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine,” Sakuma tried to sound defiant.

“Fair enough,” the other rolled with it. “Iwamoto. Iwamoto Hikaru.”

“Sakuma. Sakuma Daisuke.”

Iwamoto looked at him and then the other gave him a small smile. Sakuma wasn’t sure what to make of that. The expression had some sort of effect on him but he couldn’t quite say whether it was a good or bad one. He couldn’t put his finger on this particular kind of feeling. It confused him. The other was starting to confuse him.

“I’m sure we’ll meet again. Until then.” And then the other upped and left him standing there.

“Who says that I want to see you again?” He said more to himself than the other and even while he spoke those words, a part of him called him out for being a liar. A part of him did want to see the other again for some unfathomable reason.

If you’re interested, here’s how I’d divide up the Snow Man in this universe. I might include people from other groups in the future if I roll in this universe again.

Iwamoto - Mighty Warriors
Sakuma - Rude Boys

Miyadate - Daruma Ikka
Watanabe - White Rascals
Abe - Oyakoukou
Fukazawa - Sannoh Rengo

It's your turn talisa_ahn
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