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You'd think I could write something quick and short in three days, right? Except studies didn't quite allow it, so here's an unfinished thing inspired by a tweet I saw, with sleepy Wonshik. Sorry for the lateness!

It is kind of hard to sleep, Jaehwan finds, when Wonshik is tossing and turning in the bed next to his. He hasn’t had much sleep recently, with working on two new songs simultaneously, but tonight he came home with the others rather than at some ungodly hour, flopping right into bed with an exhausted huff. Seeing him so tired, though they’re all tired, makes Jaehwan want to wrap him up in blankets and force him to sleep longer than what they strictly have time for. Instead he lies in bed, watching Wonshik’s silhouette turn over and over until he falls asleep sprawled on his back. Good, Jaehwan thinks and closes his eyes. Maybe now he can sleep too.

Then again, maybe not, because soon enough Wonshik starts to mumble softly. At first it’s unintelligible, more like a string of noises than any words. Then Jaehwan starts to listen as he picks up some actual words, wondering if Wonshik has anything interesting to say in his sleep. Secrets to expose, perhaps something that Jaehwan can use against him after being robbed of his own sleep?

“Hold my hand,” Wonshik mumbles, “I’m sleepy…”

Jaehwan’s heart clenches. It’s definitely stress; Wonshik usually gets like this when he’s going through a stressful period. They all have their issues, but Wonshik is one of the clingier members, and quite endearing. Of course, Jaehwan has a soft spot for the guy. Who wouldn’t?

He stays in his bed, though, thinking it will surely pass and Wonshik is probably asleep again already - but then he starts to make quiet whining sounds, and Jaehwan almost wants to cry. Finally he decides, and sneaks out of bed, tiptoeing to Wonshik’s bed and climbing in next to him. Wonshik seems to quiet down at this, and Jaehwan wordlessly slips his hand into the other’s, leaning close and relaxing against Wonshik. “Sleep, Shikkie,” he murmurs into his neck, “we need to get up early.”

carpesoo your turn!
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