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[Team Two] Until the End

Over the years, it becomes easier to forget. Under the brilliant red sun and dusty skies, Kyungsoo trades his memories of Earth for miles of barren desert two galaxies over, spreading out for miles beyond what the eye can see. At night, the crimson glow of the sky gives way to a million and one stars and he dreams of a water-filled planet glimmering beyond his reach and a rumbly laugh that he can still hear over the stretch of distance and time. In the morning he wakes up again, sand in his mouth, sand in his hair, and dreams all over again.

He's still half-dreaming, half-hoping even after all the years, he thinks, for a distant ache that rises, light as air, to the faint tune of the hummingbird's heartbeat buried a thousand lightyears away under the haze of memory and age. But the feeling flees, always hovering just out of his mind's reach, and Kyungsoo, tired of chasing the intangible, gave up a long time ago trying to recapture the furious intensity of loving and wanting.

These days it's becoming more difficult to sleep though; the wind, unforgiving in its sting, shimmies under the rickety flap of his window and sets the whole room swirling with a merciless breeze until he can no longer duck under the rough threads of his blanket and feign stoicism. These are the nights when he pads outside, toes digging into the cooling sand under the stars, like walking alongside the ocean shore breeze, and counts the years, the eternities until he can return. Seven hundred years spent wandering the far side of a planet too close to the sun. Condemned to walk two hundred more. The decades blur and Kyungsoo, caught under the stars, waits to go back.

It's you yomimashou <3
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