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[Team Five] perchance

Word vomit of wood nymph!kyungsoo and cursed!jongin in a peculiar first meeting

Here are your words, thesockmonster!

“You didn’t die.” There’s a lilt to the young man’s voice that betrays curiosity. Keen eyes observe the prone figure before them. A thoughtful expression falls upon the striking face. “They always die - mangled to pieces. Which you almost are, actually. Or should that be ‘would have been’?”

The other youth lying on the ground groans in frustration. He’s rather irritable at the moment, with his body aching quite terribly and the incessant chatter poking at his patience. He reigns it in. There’s no use getting angry at a stranger. “I find myself rather cursed. And judging by the pains I’m feeling, I’d wager I’m almost mangled to pieces.”

“Cursed? I don’t think surviving a wolf attack makes you cursed.” Amusement replaces thoughtfulness and the young man crouches down with a short laugh.

“Of course you don’t,” the nearly dead youth grumbles. He doesn’t try to move, knowing the pain will be more excruciating if he does so. His usual healthy color is sickly pale. “You also don’t seem to be the kind that’s put off by a horrendous sight such as a bloody, torn up body. And yet, you aren’t offering any help. I do wonder what your purpose is for continuing to be here.”

There’s a blink and then another. “I’m not well-versed in healing and your body seems to be coping well by itself. It’s rather fascinating to watch. What are you?”


Brows furrow before thick lips purse into a frown. “I wasn’t asking for your name.”

“Ah, well, I didn’t ask you to make me into your own fascinating spectacle and yet here we both are.” Jongin closes his eyes. He could feel his body mending itself and there’s a rush of disgusting relief in him. He’d been so close.


Jongin’s eyes open to stare at the wide eyes peering down upon him. He’d loathe to admit at the moment but this youth, Kyungsoo, looks enchanting. The sunlight filtering through the forest canopy creates an ethereal glow. Bewitching, really. “You’re an odd fellow, Kyungsoo.”

To that comment, Kyungsoo smiles. “I could say the same to you, Jongin.”

“Odd doesn’t really cut it for me. I’d say I’m grotesque at the moment.” Jongin watches Kyungsoo’s eyes take his state in again before looking back at him. He raises an eyebrow, challenging the other to contradict him.

A hand reaches out to pluck a flower near Jongin’s head and places it upon the blood-matted hair. Kyungsoo hums before speaking, “You make the grotesque look beautiful. Would you like to come by my cottage for some food and drink? I suppose you might be hungry.”

Jongin lets out a breath of air that’s meant to be a laugh. His morbid watcher is blunt and charming. He’d be wary if he could die. “You grow more odd by the moment. But yes, I will take you up on that offer.”

The acceptance is met with silence as Kyungsoo fiddles around with the flowers before putting them on Jongin’s hair. He whispers, “Oh hush. You look infinitely better on him.”

Tired eyes grow wide in realization before a choked laugh actually escapes Jongin’s mouth. “No wonder. A wood nymph.”

“Hmm?” Kyungsoo is pulled from his fetching conversation with the flowers. “Oh yes, I am. And yet I still don’t know what you are.”

Jongin’s body thrums with a sense of newness. He sits up this time, knowing he’s recovered enough. “A cursed human.”

They level each other out with a long stare before Kyungsoo stands up and helps Jongin do so as well. It’s a tiny bit irksome to Kyungsoo that Jongin is taller. But he’s more curious than annoyed and it seems Jongin’s irritation has passed as well. How curious. He’s curious. “I still don’t think surviving is a curse. But let’s talk it over hot soup and clean clothes.”

At the mention of clothes, Jongin looks down to see himself almost naked. He’s about to say something, perhaps an embarrassed apology, when Kyungsoo pulls him and starts to walk. He’s astounded and his interest is piqued. Today might not be so horrible, especially with such company.

Kyungsoo turns his head a little, tugging Jongin gently with a faint smile. “Come along.”
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