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[team sonic special] Realization

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Everything clicks suddenly, startlingly, into place. From the way she brushes her long black hair behind her ear, seemingly shy, to the way Byulyi always finds her looking her way. It feels like Yongsun has been playing a game on her own and it took Byul-yi a while to catch up.

Now that she did; now that she knows, there’s a flutter in her chest when she meets Yongsun’s eyes. It’s like any other time; yet, it’s different. Because this time, Wheein’s words replay in Byulyi’s mind, that’s because she likes you.

“Are you coming?” Yongsun asks, half turned Byulyi’s way, her perfect side profile all exposed for her to see. Yongsun knows her angles, and it makes Byulyi smile.

The coffee shop they head to is the usual one; the table they sit on is the usual one. Everything is familiar. But when Byulyi sits down with her ice cold americano on the couch and looks in front of her, Yongsun looks suddenly more beautiful. It could be the time of the day, the light that enters through the window. It could be the lilac sweater she’s wearing today.

Byulyi stares, until Yongsun’s uneasy smile appears. “What?”

“Uh… nothing.” She replies, quickly putting the straw between her lips and sipping her drink, lowering her eyes to the table. She feels her heartbeat inside her chest and realizes that it’s not the first time she’s felt this way when she looks at Yongsun.

“You look nervous.” Yongsun’s eyes are on Byulyi, while her hand picks a tiny fork to taste the piece of cake on her plate. She takes a bit, but doesn’t bring it to her own lips. Instead, she reaches over the table to feed it to Byulyi.

“I…” Byulyi’s taste is different from Yongsun, but she decides not to say anything and opens her mouth. Yongsun’s eyesmile is as beautiful as the rest of her. The cream of the cake melts inside her mouth and she swallows easily.

“How is it?” Yongsun’s wide eyes expect Byulyi’s approval.

She nods. “It’s good.”

Then, Yongsun silently starts eating the cake herself.

It takes the sound of the empty cup Byulyi’s holding to bring her back from her thoughts about Yongsun’s savoring the cake.

Maybe it's time to move things forward…

“Do you like me?”

Yongsun smiles as if she'd been waiting for that question for a really long time.

(If the last sentence is grammatically incorrect, oops, sorry!)
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