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[team sonic special] 病

As indicated, here's the first story for the Team Sonic Reshuffle Free-for-all, as explained in the Shiritori Reshuffle and Sign Up that was just posted! Any team sonic stories posted before this are now expired if they weren't already, and this team sonic special story as well as any team sonic special stories using this story's last word(s) (and any team sonic stories after it) won't expire until the new Team Line Ups are posted, after which all team sonic special stories are expired, and shiritori and the standard sonic shiritori will proceed as usual. Have fun!


It's not that he hates Himchan or anything like that. Yongguk likes the guy, after all; they've grown up together and everything. Himchan is — well it's hard to say. He’s there. Smiles, the darkness of his eyes when he looks at something he likes. A kind of intensity.

And that was all it's ever been, just friends albeit close: smiles, laughter and beer on tap on a Friday night, the vaguely audible sound of a soccer game on the screen behind them as Yongguk takes a gulp of cold, glass mug landing on the table with a dull thud as he meets Himchan's eyes over the table, the comfortable feeling of familiarity that adds the final swipe of the brush to the canvas of the day.

He's standing at the sink, running cold tap water over his hands as the soap suds smelling faintly of amaryllis. It's been a long week but he's here now, the water running over his skin; he straightens his shoulders as though it's also sluicing away the grime of the Monday to Friday grime. The door swings open, and Junhong waves, Yongguk blinks when he heads for the sinks instead of the urinals. Junhong runs a hand through his hair; splashes his face with cold water, and Yongguk is has just raised his hands to flick them at the wrists; shake off some of the water droplets, when Junhong opens his mouth.

"Did you know that Himchan—?" His eyes blow wide at that, mumbling as he dries his hands on his pants and bowls out through the door that slams behind him, leaving Yongguk standing there, as though in the wake of an unexpected summer storm.

He pays more attention after that, it's hard not to, and he's not sure what Junhong meant at first because Himchan is just Himchan, right?

Yongguk sighs at the computer screen and moves some things around, presses CTRL-Z and repeats. A shadow falls over the keys, and he looks up, eyes squinting slightly in the sudden dimness; it's Seokjin from accounting walking by, cup of coffee in one hand and a paper bag in the other which he hands to Yongguk who takes it, puzzled.

"Your boyfriend left this for you with the secretary," he says, and Yongguk does a double take.

"Boyfriend?" He looks in the bag, it's the sweater he'd forgotten at the restaurant on Sunday night, and Himchan had texted him to say he'd drop it off later, so it must have been Himchan—

Everything clicks suddenly, startlingly, into place.
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