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[Team Three] A flower and a kiss

“Flowers?” Taiga asked, staring at Juri. “What the fuck are you up to, Tanaka? Ow!”

Juri grinned, ignoring Taiga’s scowl as Taiga rubbed the back of his head where Juri had whacked him. “You’re going to give those flowers to Hokuto,” Juri explained. “Don’t argue.”

“But-” Taiga began, but Juri interrupted him.

“You should apologize too, but I’m not going to make you if you don’t want to.”

“Nice of you,” Taiga snorted, crossing his arms in front of his chest. “Hypothetically, if I were to give flowers to Hokuto, why would I be doing that?”

Juri grinned, knowing he’d already won. “Because your boyfriend has been pouting for the last three days.”

Taiga grabbed the flowers from Juri. “Fine. But why do you think that’s my fault? Anything could have upset Hokku.”

“Uh huh.” Juri stepped out of the way. “Except he keeps saying he’s fine when I ask. You’re the only one he loves enough to lie to me for.”

A faint blush crept onto Taiga’s cheeks at Juri’s blunt words. “Fine. Just mind your own business.”

Finding Hokuto wasn’t difficult. Hokuto was napping alone in a corner of an otherwise deserted breakroom, head pillowed on Taiga’s coat. Closing the door quietly, Taiga walked over and knelt down next to Hokuto. Hokuto’s face looked soft and relaxed, his hair messy from sleeping on it. Taiga lightly brushed his fingers over Hokuto’s cheek, waking him up.

“Nh?” Hokuto asked, blinking sleepily. “Taiga?”

“Hey,” Taiga replied, suddenly unsure. He thrust the flowers at Hokuto. “Here. Take this.”

Hokuto’s eyes widened and his face lit up. Sitting up, he accepted the flowers and smiled sweetly at Taiga. “Thank you.”

“It’s nothing,” Taiga replied, glad to see Hokuto smile again. “Sorry I was an ass.”

Smiling, Hokuto leaned in and kissed Taiga’s cheek. “I’m just stupid. I’m sorry Juri made you apologize.”

Taiga flushed. Of course Hokuto knew it wasn’t his idea. “It’s fine,” he grumbled, pulling Hokuto into a hug.

Luckily for Taiga, Hokuto had had enough of talking too. Hokuto nudged Taiga back until Taiga sat on the practice mats Hokuto had been napping on, then climbed into Taiga’s lap. Their kiss was slow and sweet, just a light brush of lips against lips that made Hokuto hum with happiness. Taiga dug his fingers into Hokuto’s hair, pulling just a little until Hokuto parted his lips to moan. Deepening the kiss, Taiga proceeded to kiss Hokuto breathless, not letting up until Hokuto was panting and clinging to him for dear life.

“Sorry to interrupt,” Kouchi said, appearing suddenly enough that Hokuto half jumped out of Taiga’s lap in surprise, “but you’re already fifteen minutes late for practice and we need to start.”

Getting up, Taiga placed one last quick kiss on Hokuto’s cheek. “You’re coming home with me after work.”

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