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[Team One] Scoops

A short one because I'm dying from stress.

“Her name will be Cat,” Seungcheol says proudly, hands on his hips as he beams at the newest addition to the family.

“It’s a pinball machine. For your ice cream parlour. It’s 2016, Seungcheol. And Cat isn’t even an interesting name??”

“You’re always full of criticism, Jihoon. I know better than to listen to you by now.” Seungcheol practically radiates sunshine as he brushes a hand over the Hello Kitty logo on the side of the machine.

Jihoon just rolls his eyes. “Can I at least get a milkshake while you’re admiring your new girlfriend?”

Seungcheol doesn’t even stop smiling as he strides back behind the counter, happily scooping the mint chocolate chip ice cream he knows Jihoon likes.

“Seungcheol has a girlfriend?” Jeonghan flops down next to Jihoon, stretching out an arm on the counter and resting his head on it as he looks up at the two of them in confusion. “I thought you were gay, though? Like super gay? Like made-out-with-Seungkwan-to-get-out-of-talking-to-a-girl gay?”

“Oh shut up, Jeonghan,” Seungcheol says, sliding Jihoon his milkshake. “You're both ridiculous. He’s talking about my new pinball machine, though. Her name’s Cat!”

“You’ve always had a talent for inventive nomenclature,” Jeonghan says, yawning. Jihoon reaches over and pushes the hair out of his face.

Jeonghan smiles up at him. “Thanks, friend.”

Next up is cairistiona :)
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