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[Team Five]

Sorry, I'm late. ;-;

Pieces of glittering confetti flutter from the sky, catching in the rays of early afternoon sunlight. A rainbow of color cascades over the grass, lingering in wavering light over skin as the confetti floats along on the wind. Sehun thinks to catch a few pieces, twirling them in place in the air as he draws in others, using the wind as an extension of himself. It’s so simple a thing to do, watching as his small confetti cyclone hovers in place over his hand, casting angry shards of colored light over the area.

It’s easier this way, he thinks. Being alone. Being where he can’t hurt anyone.

He always knew that his ability to manipulate air currents was dangerous, and that if he wasn’t careful, he could hurt people. What he hadn’t been prepared for was the weight of his power hurting people even though he was careful. He’d been so careful.

Sehun sits in a field, far from the festival in the distance, knowing that isolation is hardly penitence for his crime. No one else will scold him. He’d done the right thing. It doesn’t make it any better. And he doesn’t want to see the look of pity and understanding on Joonmyun’s face. Not now. Not yet.

The cyclone of confetti in his palm begins to spin too quickly, lashing out as Sehun’s emotion damped his control. It’s with a heavy sigh that he releases the current, allowing the confetti to fall to the ground. It falls to the grass around his feet, but Sehun’s attention is on the sky.

Sometimes he thinks of flying up there, propelling himself on the wind. He could do it. He tried it once, only a little, and he’d been halfway to the roof of the house before Joonmyun had called out for him, afraid.

Sehun can almost hear Joonmyun’s voice on the wind. He closes his eyes, knowing that his friend will be worrying over him.


It’s louder, and Sehun is surprised when he feels a hand slipping into his, familiar and gentle. Joonmyun’s has wrinkles between his eyebrows, and a soft look of understanding. Sehun stares wistfully at the sky again. Maybe tomorrow. But for today, he has his anchor.

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