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[Team Sonic] Dance for me

First words from Cinammon Summer

She sits back and grins. She can see what she’s said sinking in her girlfriend’s mind, as Eunbi’s features change from the usual smile to an embarrassed purse of the lips.

“You want me to what?” Eunbi blurts out.

“Dance for me,” Sojung says nonchalantly, brushing her long hair aside, as if she had only said what she wanted for dinner.

Her girlfriend closes her mouth and stays quiet, Sojung’s statement twirling in the air. “But you've already seen me dance so many times before,” Eunbi mumbles. She’s back to smiling, but her beautiful eye smile is missing, a clear sign of how flustered she is.

“That's not what I meant.” Sojung stares straight at her, not even trying to hide how pleased she is with the reaction. “It can be any song you want.”

Eunbi laughs loudly, very loudly; yet, she walks up to the speakers to get plug in her music. She's up for a little fun, and Sojung loves that about her. A foreign song starts playing and Eunbi’s feet slide on the floor moving along the melody. It’s not the type of dance Sojung had in mind, but that doesn't mean she doesn't enjoy it.

It all changes with a sinful body wave, but it doesn't last long since Eunbi bursts out laughing, bending over, her long brown hair covering her face. When she lifts up her head again, her cheeks are slightly pink on their way to red.

On the floor, first seat to see the dance, Sojung laughs along covering her mouth. Her request was worth it, not for the dance itself, but for her girlfriend’s cuteness.

Eunbi grins and tries a body roll again, but she falls down, squatting down. “I can't!” She whines crossing her arms on her knees and hiding her face.

Sojung crawls to her side and brushes Eunbi’s hair. Then, she holds her chin, making her look at her in the eye. “It's okay. I love you the same.”

Eunbi pushes her away, laughing as Sojung falls on her butt. A kiss makes up for it.

A/N: this is my first time writing a GFriend story. Sowon and SinB fit the idea I had in mind

Tags: *team sonic, fandom: general kpop girls, love ranger: caterplina
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