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[Team Six] Pick Me Up, Buttercup

Sorry, so much happening irl
But I managed to write a short scene ;;

A game. That is what this is.

A stupid game that Min Yoongi managed to play thanks to the brats of neighbors he has.

This is why he finds himself precariously balancing himself on a tattered skateboard with a huge skull design and vulgar stickers that make him want to question why he even wants to be associated with them even as he glares at the familiar blinding yellow McDonald’s logo.

“Hyung, tell you what,” Taehyung begins while Jimin excitedly grins beside him. They were in the library earlier today when the game began. “You order us some french fries from the McDonald’s drive thru using a skateboard and we’ll call it quits.” His voice is loud, way too loud for the library at 8 in the morning. Other students in the library glares at them, including Yoongi, before they continue with their studying. Yoongi frowns because he really doesn’t remember anything that he owes Taehyung and Jimin and he really doesn’t need this. He has an exam on Constitution in, like, 4 hours or so, and the only thing he remembers is the preamble.

hey chuyeol! :D
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