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[Team Six]

I lost track of what I wanted to write.............. u_u;;

Mouth opened and breath coming out in laboured pants, Hakyeon felt like he was on fire.

Every limb and muscle ached, and even though he had long ago kicked the blanket that had been tucked around him far, far away from him, he still felt as though he were inside a heated oven.

Had Taekwoon turned on the underfloor heating? He patted the empty floor space beside his futon, but he couldn’t tell — everything just felt so hot.

Speaking of Taekwoon, where were the other members? It was too quiet — he could hear none of Jaehwan’s usual loud chatter and the funny squawking sound Wonshik liked to make whenever Sanghyuk dug his elbow into the rapper’s stomach when Wonshik lost a game.

Your turn~ springmaid
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