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[Team Sonic] After-effect

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“Let's do this some time when you aren't too drunk to get it up, ok?” Minseok carefully lays Baekhyun on the bed, brushing his hair off his forehead as he watches his eyes flutter shut. Baekhyun keeps mumbling something about Minseok’s body.

After leaving his younger roommate on his bed, Minseok heads to the door. One last look at a sleeping, softly snoring Baekhyun, and he closes the door.

In the kitchen, he gets a glass of water and sits on the table, mind lost in thoughts about his roommate.

Ever since they started sharing the bed whenever Baekhyun is feeling anxious about something, their relationship has changed quite a bit. Baekhyun is touchier than he used to and that makes it difficult for Minseok to keep the lines of their friendship defined. When he’s got Baekhyun clinging onto him in the mornings, he wants to kiss his temple and bask for a little longer in the warmth of his roommate.

Things turn out scarier when Baekhyun drinks and comes home saying stuff that Minseok’s never thought he'd hear from him. His clinging is even worse when he’s drunk and his hands wander too much, most times trying to get under Minseok’s shirt. The effect that Baekhyun’s touch has on Minseok becomes hard to ignore when it's accompanied by words breathed out into his ear.

Baekhyun says nothing in the morning. Not nothing; actually, he says a lot. But nothing of what he says is what Minseok wants to hear. One day, Minseok will ask him if he remembers.

Minseok stands up and sets the empty glass in the sink. Baekhyun is still sleeping. It's better to wait until morning.
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